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Enjoy seven-seat luxury, with the All-New Sorento self-charging hybrid <br><br>

Reduce the Whole life costs of your fleet with the Kia Eco Range<br><br>

Lower your running costs with the advanced technology of the Kia Eco range<br><br>

Everything you need to know about charging your Kia<br><br>

All-New Soul EV offers advanced technology and low running costs <br><br>

What does the 2020 Budget mean for company car Drivers?<br><br>

All-New XCeed and Ceed Sportswagon now available as Plug-in Hybrid's<br><br>

Electric Vehicle myths busted by Kia<br><br>

24th February 2020

Kia Business

How Kia's offering of Apple CarPlay<sup>TM</sup> and Android Auto<sup>TM</sup> make it easier to work on the go<br><br>

Seven Kia Features that make business miles a pleasure<br><br>

How to make the switch to an electric fleet<br><br>

27th November 2019

Kia business

Safety with Kia<br><br>

21st November 2019

Kia Business

Why you need to consider Whole-Life Costs<br><br>

24th October 2019

Kia Business

Get Specialist Help from the Kia Business Centre<br><br>

Discover the stylish and practical All-New XCeed<br><br>

Discover the Niro Family's impressive fleet credentials<br><br>

Discover the benefits of Mild-Hybrid Technology<br><br>

Find out about Kia's dedicated Business Dealer Network<br><br>

How could your business benefit from Kia’s Eco range?<br><br>

All-New Ceed makes attractive fleet proposition<br><br>

Kia ProCeed majors on style, dynamics and comfort<br><br>

What do Clean Air Zones mean for your business?<br><br>