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Jodie Kidd Electrocuted to Launch Kia EV9

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Jodie Kidd Electrocuted as part of Kia EV9 Launch

We’re excited to announce the official launch of Kia’s brand-new pure electric car the Kia EV9. It’s fair to say the launch party went off with a bang. As part of the EV9 launch, daredevil Jodie Kidd shot lightning from her hands in an incredible electricity stunt. The event was inspired by compelling new Kia research, which revealed young people’s favourable attitudes to electric cars. The study also highlights the significance of switching to electric as a more sustainable driving choice.

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

Electric like you’ve never seen it before

Kia has taken electrification to a new level. The death-defying stunt helped launch the Kia EV9, our new pure electric car. The daring act saw model and car enthusiast, Jodie Kidd, electrocuted with over one million volts of electricity.

Kidd sat on a raised platform while the ‘lightning machine’ shot electricity at her. Kidd was protected only by a chainmail Faraday suit that conducted the electric volts. As the suit conducted the volts, she was able to control the electricity with her hands.

The mesmerising trick was captured by incredible photographs of Jodie standing in front of the new EV9, with bolts of electricity appearing to shoot from her hands. Jodie Kidd described the experience as “one of the most petrifying things I’ve ever done”, but also acknowledged the importance of the message behind it. “This stunt was all about celebrating sustainable mobility and how the future of motoring is electric, much like Kia’s new fully electric family car, the EV9.”

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

A new generation of driving

The stunt, used to launch Kia’s newest 7-seater electric family car, was inspired by new Kia research around young people’s stance on EVs. The research showed more than 26 per cent of parents have been encouraged to buy an EV by their children. It also revealed that young people are well-informed on the environmental value of electric cars, with 36 per cent of children attributing their EV awareness to their school education.

The research also sheds light on the popularity of EVs among the younger generation. Around 35 per cent of parents said their children wanted an electric car because it was cool. In addition, 33 per cent believe their children have been influenced by TV shows and YouTubers. Overall, 87 per cent of 2,000 parents polled have pursued the possibility of buying an EV due to these conversations.

As a mother herself, Jodie Kidd related to the findings. She advocated buying an electric car as a major step towards improving our individual sustainability

“As a parent, I know exactly how important the environment is to the next generation. I have had many conversations with my son Indio about what we can do to live more sustainably – including buying an electric car.”

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

The Kia EV9: Launched and ready to change the way we drive

With the launch of the Kia EV9 now official, we’re excited to share our biggest, boldest and most unique EV with our Kia family. If you want to discover more about all the exciting things the EV9 has to offer, join us at the EV9 Electric Experience.

Our EV roadshow is also now running at your local dealer, with the exclusive unveiling of the EV9 and a closer look into Kia’s industry-leading electric range. It also explores the award-winning EV6 GT and Niro.

The EV9 SUV is available to pre-order, with deliveries expected to start in January 2024. Find out more about our luxury electric SUV and get ready to step into the future of driving.

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

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