Guide to EV Charging with RFID Cards
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Guide to EV Charging with RFID Cards

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Guide to EV Charging with RFID Cards

If you’re an EV owner or looking to make the switch to electric, you will know that charging on the go is a central part of the EV driving experience. As the electric car industry continues to develop, so does the accessibility and convenience of the EV charging process.

RFID cards provide a simple payment method for public charging and are used in many charging networks across the UK. When you choose Kia, you can find everything you need for EV charging in one place with the Kia Charge RFID card.

Let’s delve into how RFID cards work.

What is RFID and what does it stand for?

RFID stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification’. In technical terms, this means using radio waves to identify and detect a tagged item or device. RFID is a passive and wireless form of identification, so it can read digital information via a ‘tag’, without any physical contact or close proximity.

The technology is often used to track or match an item or individual, such as in supply chain management or pet microchipping.

What is an RFID card?

Radio Frequency Identification Cards (RFID cards) are cards that use RFID technology to securely transfer digitally stored data. The RFID card emits a signal that can be detected by a card reader wirelessly. When the reader and card are compatible, the data is successfully transferred and access is granted.

RFID cards are commonly used for access control, like when opening a door in a building where security is important, and payments, like with a contactless credit or debit card.

For EV charging, RFID cards are used to identify the user and authorise access to the charging point. Simply by tapping their RFID card against the reader at the charging station, EV drivers can authenticate themselves and initiate the charging session. The card is also used for billing and will generate an invoice either per use, per month or via a fixed subscription, depending on the provider and option the driver has chosen.

Kia Charge: One card for all your EV charging needs

At Kia, we’re on a mission to make the entire EV ownership experience as simple, accessible and convenient for you as possible. As part of this, we’ve built a comprehensive solution for charging your Kia on the go.

The Kia Charge simplifies the EV charging process, giving you access to multiple charging networks in the UK and abroad with one solution, rather than needing separate cards for different networks. The Kia Charge RFID card comes with your Kia Charge account. You simply need to register with Kia Charge online by entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Next, you choose your preferred tariff, enter some basic information about yourself and select a payment method.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be sent a Kia Charge starter pack, including the RFID card, which you can then activate by logging into the Kia Charge app or website.

Once your Kia Charge card is fully activated (this may take up to 24 hours) you’ll be free to use it at all public charging stations across our network. At the end of the month, you’ll receive a consolidated invoice. Please note that some stations are also accessible via the app, without the need for an RFID card.

Ultimate convenience, complete transparency

As a Kia Charge RFID cardholder, you’ll unlock a world of benefits, making EV charging simpler than ever:

• Access to over 43,000 UK charging points – The Kia RFID card gives you access to 27 UK charging networks and over 42,000 public charging stations nationwide.

• European access – You’ll also get access to charging points in 28 countries across Europe. Overall, you’ll be able to instantly utilise more than 700,000 public charging stations in the UK and Europe.

• Choice of 2 tariffs – When you register for Kia Charge, you have a choice of 2 charging tariffs , Easy or Plus, so you can choose what suits you best based on how often you use public charging.

• Optional bolt-on subscriptions – You will also have the option to supplement your tariff with a bolt-on bp pulse or Ionity subscription.

• Complete price transparency – You can stay up to date with public charging prices by viewing these on our Kia Charge website and app. You can also check your invoice and expenses at any time via the Kia Charge portal or app.

• Convenience – With Kia Charge, there’s no need to juggle multiple cards - you have everything you need on one card and one contract.

• Kia Charge app – When you download the Kia Charge app, you can access everything you need for public charging on your smartphone.

If you’re ready to make the switch to electric, find out more about how charging is simpler with Kia Charge .

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