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Kia Sorento

Wholelife Costs and Tax Calculator

Amongst comfort and safety, it is important that your company car makes financial sense, and calculating tax and other running costs can sometimes seem a bit daunting.

Our suite of tools can help make everything a little less complicated, and our dedicated team of experts at the Kia Business Centre are always on hand to answer your questions and help you find your perfect company car solution.

  • Whole Life Cost

    Whole Life Cost

    Discover how our models compare to equivalent cars from other brands.

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  • Company Car Tax Calculation

    Company Car Tax Calculation

    Use our company tax calculator to find out your BiK.

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  • Contract Hire Quote

    Contract Hire Quote

    Our best contract hire offers - the simple and cost effective way to source your next car.

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Dedicated Kia Business Team

Kia has a dedicated, expert team, specialists in catering to the needs of business users. The Kia Business team is on hand to help, whether this is your first business car or you are looking to replace an entire fleet of vehicles.