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Kia Independent Cinema

Kia proudly partnered with Digital Cinema Media (DCM) and their independent cinema estate in Spring 2022.

This partnership sees us supporting and collaborating with over 160 independent cinemas across the UK, as well as independent brands, such as Picturehouse, Curzon and Reel.

As a part of our dedication to independent cinema and the communities it supports, we are working with DCM on a fully immersive partnership that extends beyond the screen to harness multiple touchpoints – from cinema foyers and tickets, through to outdoor cinema events. Whilst also working closely with our dealer network to provide in-dealer promotions and ticket giveaways, so all can enjoy the magic of independent cinemas.

  • Independent Cinema Inspiring the Future of Driving 


    We are proud to partner with and support the UK’s independent cinema industry. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for us to reach out to local communities across the UK and showcase our electric cars and hybrid electric vehicles through the inspiring medium of cinema. Independent cinema is built upon foundations of creativity, innovation, change and inspirational thinking. These same values are championed by our forward-looking philosophy and pioneering electric vehicles.


    “We want to capture the hearts and minds of modern individuals so they can see us in a different and progressive manner in line with the changes we’ve made to our brand and values over the past year,” said Kia UK Marketing Director, Sanka de Silva, in a recent article by The Drum.


    We were also an official sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival that took place in May 2022. This was a dedicated celebration of indie cinema and the values it represents, and an appreciation of our community of independent filmmakers.