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Kia Independent Cinema

Kia UK Limited has extended its partnership with Digital Cinema Media (DCM) and its independent cinema estate. This partnership sees Kia continuing to support over 170 DCM cinemas throughout the UK, including Savoy, Reel and Picturehouse.

Since Spring 2022, we have worked with DCM on a fully immersive partnership to support both local cinemas and their communities. Last year, DCM’s 60-second ‘Gold Spot’, played before every film, built up the Kia brand association, enhancing the ‘Movement that Inspires’ campaign. Kia has also become an official sponsor for the Sundance Film Festival: London 2022.

Our partnership with Picturehouse will be going further this year. This year’s Gold Spot will feature the all-new Kia Sportage ‘Inspire Attention’ film, developed by INNOCEAN UK. This will be featured across DCM’s estate, which covers a fifth of all UK cinemagoers.

As a show of Kia’s support for independent cinema, the partnership will also be going beyond the screens to multiple touchpoints and events, including 5000 giveaways. We are also set to sponsor and develop the popular ‘Picturehouse Podcast – The Love of Cinema’, for which Kia is now a membership partner.

At the same time, we are also working with the Kia Dealer Network to provide in-dealer promotions and ticket giveaways, helping everyone enjoy the magic of independent cinema.


    Sanka de Silva, Marketing Director at Kia UK Limited, said: “With an array of exciting movies due for release in cinemas soon following a number of blockbusters last year, we believe this is a fantastic opportunity for Kia to be put centre stage, support local businesses and entertain communities through independent cinema.


    “We believe that movement inspires, so there’s nothing quite like a moving picture to demonstrate this and showcase our products. We’re excited to show our brand new Sportage ‘Fireflies’ film, which needs to be seen on the big screen to be truly appreciated.


    “Like last year, our dealer partners are also involved so be sure to check your local dealership for promotions and cinema ticket giveaways to enjoy the magic of great independent cinema.”


    Davina Barker, Sales Director at DCM, said: “Our partnership with Kia has been one of our most successful to date, increasing brand awareness by 100 per cent and brand consideration by 79 per cent