Kia Announces EV3 Electric Experience
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Kia Announces EV3 Electric Experience

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Kia Launches EV3 Electric Experience for New Compact SUV

Kia UK has announced a nationwide event to introduce the new Kia EV3, the 'Kia EV3 Electric Experience'. Taking place from August to November, each event will give customers a chance to enjoy early access to Kia’s new compact SUV.

Attendees will get to experience an unveiling of the EV3, along with a presentation that will go into detail on the new model’s features and capabilities. Customers will also have the chance to speak with experts about switching over to electric cars for the first time.

The events will be taking place across nationwide Kia’s 188-dealer network, making it easy for potential buyers to fall in love with the EV3 model.

Experience Kia’s new compact electric SUV

The Kia EV3 was unveiled in May and is set for release later in 2024. A small or ‘compact’electric SUV , the EV3 features leading technology from the EV9 , Kia’s award-winning flagship electric SUV. This includes the new Kia AI Assistant, which utilises generative AI, and Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for timely software updates.

The EV3 also showcases Kia’s commitment to sustainable innovation. The interior not only maximises space and comfort but also utilises recycled fabric and plastics in its doors, seats and other features. With fourth-generation battery technology, the EV3 is also capable of an incredible 372-mile range* – all with 10-80% charging in just 31 minutes.

As part of its commitment to being a leader in electrification, Kia also ran a ‘Discover EV with Kia’ event earlier in the year. This focused on answering questions and providing expert advice to members of the public about going electric, receiving a strong response. Kia global “Plan S” strategy also saw Kia commit to launching 15 fully electric vehicles by 2027 (including nine in the UK), with the EV3 being the latest step towards this target.

If you are interested in attending the Kia EV3 Electric Experience, you can book a place at your nearest participating dealership today via the Kia UK website.

* 2WD Long range model with 81.4kWh battery, WLTP-estimated. Data herein are pre-homologation development targets. AER may vary depending on weather conditions and/or driving style.

Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be to full UK specification. Features shown are not standard across the Kia model range and availability will vary dependant on model. For further details please refer to the individual model specification sheets.


Product availability varies by models. To find out which products are available for your vehicle, please contact your Kia dealer.