What Makes the EV9 Such a Comfortable SUV?
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What Makes the EV9 Such a Comfortable SUV?

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What makes the EV9 such a comfortable SUV?

Comfort is crucial. Not only for your passengers but you as well. At Kia, we’re committed to making every day driving a joy, and that’s why we’re proud to build the most comfortable cars we possibly can.

This is exemplified in the Kia EV9, our newest all-electric car. One of our most comfortable SUVs, the EV9 uses pioneering technology and a refined design to provide a masterclass in how to travel comfortably by car.

Join us as we explore the newly refined features of the EV9 that make it a multi-award-winning SUV and one our most comfortable cars.

Extra space in all dimensions

One of the main attractions of comfortable SUVs is the extra space they provide. The EV9 delivers this in abundance. This electric SUV comfortably seats seven people across three rows of lounge-style seating.

Our new Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) uses a long wheelbase design and flat floor architecture that grants more space in every direction. The generous cabin means that everyone on board can settle back and relax, with ample legroom and headspace.

In their review of the EV9, Autocar journalists Matt Saunders and Sam Phillips concluded: “This, clearly, is an SUV ready to make big families entirely comfortable and it caters to their needs very well indeed.”

Interior comfort that you can configure

The EV9 cabin space is ergonomically optimised for premium comfort across all three rows of seating.

In the first row, the driver and first passenger can enjoy premium relaxation seats, made from upcycled, artificial leather. These seats also include a massage function and electric lumbar support to improve posture, prevent back pain and ensure a comfortable driving position. With easy-to-use controls, you can adjust and recline these lounge-style chairs just how you like to make the car seat more comfortable for you.

The second row on the 6-seater variant features flexible swivel seats so you can create your own social and interactive space. We’ve also made charging simple for all passengers, with plenty of USB-C fast-charging ports located from row one to three.

Tactile and immersive connectivity

We believe an integral part of building comfortable cars is having all the convenience and connectivity features you need right at your fingertips.

In the Kia EV9, you can stay connected and informed seamlessly with the triple panorama display, made up of two 12.3-inch screens and a 5.3-inch climate control screen. The dual 12.3-inch displays provide all car information, touchscreen navigation and Apple Car Play or Android Auto. They’re also large enough for both driver and passengers to easily see.

At Kia, our cars are built to provide elevated comfort all-year round. In the EV9, the first and second row both have heated seats. The leather steering wheel can also be heated to make driving more comfortable during colder months.

Our in-car infotainment includes an advanced climate control system, which enables you to easily adjust the cabin’s temperature.

With the Kia Connect app , you can control the temperature remotely. Activate, set and schedule climate control from your smartphone before you even enter the car. Ensure your EV9 reaches your desired temperature while charging and preserve and maximise your EV driving range.

Intelligent storage solutions

Convenient and smart storage solutions are a must-have feature of all the most comfortable cars. The EV9 is designed with families in mind, with enough luggage space for any adventure or road trip.

Behind the second row of seating, the EV9 boasts an expansive 828-litre luggage boot. The 50:50 split folding third row seats and the 60:40 folding second row seats let you extend the boot space even more. Additionally, the EV9 provides a handy front luggage compartment under the bonnet.

The intelligent storing solutions continue throughout the cabin: front and rear door storage, illuminated under floor storage and a generous glovebox.

A quiet car with a smooth, seamless ride

Here at Kia, seamless performance is at the heart of all our comfortable cars. As our newest, most generation-defining electric car yet, the EV9 provides a smooth and quiet ride, as well as our longest range yet.

Thanks to our game-changing E-GMP, the 7-seater EV9 delivers a stable and balanced drive, with improved steering and braking performance. This comfortable SUV also boasts a fine turning radius and overall impressive handling, so turning corners at high speeds is smooth and seamless.

Auto express journalists Max Adams and John McIlroy praised the EV9’s overall comfort and ride in their review of the EV9.

“The star turn of the Kia EV9 is its ride quality, which has been expertly judged. The vehicle is unashamedly focused on comfort, which helps to make it a very relaxing way to travel and highly comfortable on a motorway cruise,” they wrote.

If you choose the EV9 AWD powertrain, you can enjoy our new e-AWD system. The system harmoniously switches between the rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive modes, maximising grip and stability on all surfaces.

The EV9 tyres are optimised to reduce noise and vibration, so you can enjoy a quiet car cabin and an all-round relaxing space. Even better, thanks to the E-GMP and fourth-generation battery cells, the EV9 benefits from our longest all-electric range yet, taking you up to 349 miles on one charge.

With enhanced all-round performance, a quiet cabin and impressive EV range, you can enjoy a comfortable driving experience. Discover more about the EV9 and the pioneering features that could make it your most comfortable car yet.

Second row swivel seats only available on the EV9 6-seater variant.


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