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Dedicated help for business customers

Kia's Business Specialist Dealer Network offers expert advice and assistance from specially trained staff.

Find out about Kia's dedicated Business Dealer Network

To help with the unique requirements of company car drivers and fleet managers, Kia has invested in a Business Specialist Dealer Network.

There are now 30 business specialist dealers. Each one has a dedicated department or staff member that has been expertly trained in all things relevant to business users.

The idea is that a business specialist can offer authoritative advice and help customers find the right Kia for their needs - whether for a small local business or a large national company. To do that effectively, the specialists are well-versed in the business considerations for each vehicle, and can discuss tax implications (benefit-in-kind, VED, national insurance etc.), whole-life costs, whether it meets company policy, and of course, whether it fits the needs of business.

This expert knowledge enables specialists to discuss the specific needs of each fleet or company driver - whether they're high-mileage user for example - then tailer the car and financial package to suit, and explain how it would affect their running costs. That's particularly useful for businesses that don't have the resources for extensive fleet research and number crushing.

To make sure the car is right, business specialist dealers have dedicated business demonstrators, and they can even access the Kia central demonstration fleet if a customer would like to try something for a longer period or a model that's not currently at the dealer.

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Business Champions

In addition to the Business Specialist Dealers, Kia is also investing in 'Business Champions'.

There are currently 105 dealers with a business champion, who are trained in the needs of business customers and can still provide quotes on contract hire etc.

Help with Finance

The specialists are also able to discuss the various ways to finance the vehicle, and help find the most cost-effective way to do that - through contract hire or leasing, for example.

Sometimes the most convenient or cost-effective finance methods are unexpected. For example, some of our dealers can rent cars to business customers through Kia Rental. This can work particularly well if you have a new starter - you can rent a car while their new car is on order - or if you recruit a staff member on a fixed-term contract - you can rent a car for the period of their employment.

Contract Hire can also be extremely beneficial. You can enjoy the stability of fixed low monthly payments, and, by choosing a maintenance-inclusive contract, you get the peace of mind that your cars are being properly maintained by Kia dealers using genuine Kia parts. This eliminates surprise maintenance bills and questionable garage fees. What's more, you no longer need to worry about vehicle disposal - you simply bring the car back at the end of the contract.

Business of all sizes

Whether you're a lone company car driver looking to find a vehicle that puts a smile on your face, or a manager running an enormous national fleet - the specialist network has the tools to help you find the most exciting, cost-effective solution

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Futureproofed servicing

To keep maintenance as simple as possible, the specialists are also able to offer bespoke business service plans. By understanding your mileage and usage, a service plan can be created that's specific to your vehicle and needs, and can even be bundled with the cost of contract hire for example, so that your outgoings are more predictable.

Go Electric

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly relevant for businesses, and offer some very attractive tax benefits and low running costs. As such, the business specialists have specific training with Kia's Eco range and its business implications - such as BIK tax, running costs, whole-life costs etc. - and can help you decided whether an electric or hybrid car would be suitable.

Find your nearest Kia Business Specialist Dealer

To find your nearest Kia Business Specialist Dealer, simply visit the 'find a dealer' page and select 'business specialist'. Alternatively, you can call the Kia Business Centre, who can help you with any queries and find the best point of contact for your needs.