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Kia Business Centre offers expert business solutions personalised for your needs

Whether you're a company car driver wanting specialist advice, or a fleet manager looking for someone who understands your needs, the Kia Business Centre can find you a solution.

Running a fleet can be challenging - the industry is continually evolving and you have unique needs and considerations that not everybody understands. Company car drivers can have a similarly tough time, trying to negotiate the confusing world of BIK tax while at the same time finding a car that actually puts a smile on your face. It's for those people that Kia created the Kia Business Centre - with its dedicated team of business specialists.

Simply pick up the phone, and you can talk to a specially trained expert who understands and appreciates your business requirements - whether that's about whole life costs or finding the right vehicle to suit your needs. This isn't just a service for managers of large fleets though. If you're a new company car driver who is unsure about taxation or the most cost-effective ways to finance your car, the Business Centre can put you in touch with the right Kia people who can help provide what you need.

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One-to-one Support

Nobody wants to waste time repeatedly explaining who they are and retelling their life story. Thankfully, the Kia Business Centre offers you one-to-one support from your own dedicated account manager. They'll know your business, your cars and your current situation, so can quickly offer expert help, put you in touch with the right people or simply help you to react more quickly to time-sensitive situations.

Extended Test Drives

You can read all you want about the latest models, but nothing beats getting behind the wheel for a test drive. A quick spin around the block isn't always enough though, which is why the Kia Business Centre can help you arrange an extended test drive. This enables you to take some time to test the vehicle properly, and see how it handles your daily workload - that's particularly useful if you're thinking of switching to a model from our Eco Range . They can even have the car delivered directly to you.

Bespoke Finance Packages

Everyone wants a great deal, but trying to find the best return for your money can be difficult and time consuming. Happily, the Kia Business Centre can do some of that legwork for you. With a wealth of information at their disposal, they can put you in touch with an expert who can provide you with a bespoke financial package for you or your business, ensuring you get the best possible value for money.

Helpful Advice

Getting a good price for your vehicles is important, but sometimes, the way you finance them can make an even bigger difference. For example, would Contract Hire be the best way for you to go, or is it perhaps Kia Rental? Would it be more efficient to include servicing and maintenance within your monthly costs? The Kia Business Centre will listen to your business needs and put you in contact with a trained expert who will present you with the best options, and help you come to an informed decision.