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How Eco-Friendly Cars Help the Environment

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How Eco-Friendly Cars Help the Environment

Driving an eco-friendly car, like an electric vehicle, reduces your environmental impact. But exactly how electric cars are better for the environment is still not common knowledge. However, this is what’s central to learning how you can make more eco-friendly driving choices.

If you’re seeking a driving experience that’s as enjoyable as it is rewarding, green cars are the ideal solution. Let’s learn more about the most environmentally friendly cars, best eco-friendly driving practices, and how making the switch to electric cars can help the environment.

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

Eco-friendly cars: How exactly do they help?

Road transport is a huge contributor to air and noise pollution and significantly impacts the environment. In fact, in his vision for cleaner air in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan recently said that road transport accounted for around half of the air pollution in the capital city.

Eco-friendly cars, or green cars, are vehicles that minimise this negative impact on the environment and help improve the air quality of our towns and cities. Green cars use new technologies and systems that reduce, and even eliminate entirely, the CO2 emissions that regular petrol or diesel cars emit every day.

Fully electric cars are powered by an electric battery and motor, with no tailpipe. Because of this, they release no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. As emission-free vehicles, EVs are a much cleaner form of transport than their petrol and diesel counterparts and minimise air pollution. Pure EVs are also much quieter, so they reduce noise pollution caused by cars.

Although they’re not as eco-friendly as pure electrics, hybrid cars also provide cleaner driving than their petrol and diesel counterparts. Often described as a middle ground between EVs and ICE (Petrol & Diesel) cars, the main benefit of hybrid cars is that they provide lower-emission driving without the hassle of plug-in charging.

How can drivers help the environment?

All drivers can make their driving more environmentally friendly by integrating certain practices.

There are various driving habits you can adopt to make your everyday driving more eco-friendly by minimising fuel consumption and emissions. These eco-safe driving practices are effective for diesel, petrol, electric and hybrid cars .

1. Maintaining a consistent speed

Keeping a steady speed allows you to reduce frequent speeding up and slowing down, which is known to increase your fuel consumption and emissions. If your car has cruise control, engaging this can be an effective way to keep your speed consistent.

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2. Braking and accelerating slowly

Sudden braking and harsh accelerating burn more fuel. Try to read the road ahead, braking and accelerating gently.

3. Avoiding idling

An idling engine still burns fuel and releases emissions. If you know you’re going to be stationary for at least a minute, it’s best to switch your engine off.

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4. Planning your route

If you want to cut fuel consumption and emissions, avoid sitting in traffic. By planning in advance or using your Kia’s connected satellite navigation, you can choose the shortest, fastest route and avoid travelling through certain areas.

5. Keeping your vehicle in good condition

Maintaining the condition of your car is key to optimising its overall efficiency. Book regular car services, as scheduled in your maintenance manual, and request a check-up if anything feels abnormal.

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6. Switch to electric

Ultimately, the best way to make your driving more environmentally friendly is to drive an electric car or a hybrid car. Evaluate the type of vehicle you drive and its green credentials. If you’re driving a petrol or diesel car, you can quickly and drastically improve the sustainability of your driving by making the switch to electric today.

What are the most environmentally friendly cars?

When it comes to petrol versus electric cars, there’s no doubt that electric cars are the most eco-friendly option. Although you can find lower-emission petrol cars, these still release harmful fumes, unlike the zero-emission driving experiences offered by pure EVs.

At Kia, we are leaders in electrification. We pride ourselves on offering an electric car range that’s comprehensive, exciting and eco-friendly. All our electric cars are built to the highest manufacturing standards and come with our exclusive 7-year warranty , including comprehensive battery cover, so you can enjoy emission-free driving with absolute peace of mind.

Discover the joys of emission-free driving today with the Kia Niro. This ultra-modern crossover is driven by innovation and has connected technology, pioneering safety features and premium in-cabin comfort. The Niro is also available in three different powertrains – Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and All-Electric – so you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

For a driving experience that reimagines the power of electric, explore our upcoming Kia EV9. Expected to launch in early 2024, the EV9 is a pure electric, 7-seater SUV that is truly unique. It features our trailblazing Electric Global Modular Platform (e-GMP) and a suite of advance technologies.

If you’re not ready to make the switch to fully electric, you can also explore our exciting range of Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid cars.

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