Kia SUVs Offer Refined, Reliable Luxury
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Kia SUVs Offer Refined, Reliable Luxury

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Kia SUVs Offer Refined, Reliable Luxury

SUVs can be an excellent choice for families seeking practicality and space. However, recent years have also seen SUVs develop in new ways, shaking off their original, utility-focused purpose to become a staple of luxury, innovation and comfort.

At Kia, we are at the forefront of this evolution. We don’t believe that you should have to choose between practicality and comfort, and that’s why our SUV range is designed to deliver refined, reliable luxury.

Read on to discover how our most reliable and award-winning SUVs can transform your driving experience.

Finding the most reliable SUV for you with Kia

When you’re investing in a new SUV, you want to feel certain that it will stand the test of time.

As family cars, SUVs need to keep up with all the ongoing and evolving demands of modern family life. From avoiding unexpected breakdowns or expensive repairs to simply feeling confident behind the wheel, reliability is an essential criterion for SUVs.

Here at Kia, we pride ourselves on building cars that you can rely on.

All our SUVs are built to the highest manufacturing standards, using the latest automotive technologies to guarantee high performance and long-term value. We’re so confident in our offering that we provide a 7-year warranty as standard.

Let’s find out more about our most reliable luxury SUVs and what they can offer you.

The Kia Sorento: Ultimate reliability, immersive luxury

Launched in April, the new Kia Sorento is the fourth-generation model of one of our most popular and reliable SUVs.

The Sorento is our 7-seater family car, an SUV that uses our newest, most powerful performance technology to give you optimal fuel efficiency without compromising on pure driving pleasure. It’s also available as a diesel, hybrid or plug-in hybrid, so you can choose a powertrain to suit your preferences.

Inside, the spacious cabin is optimised for your comfort and convenience. Premium relaxation seats create luxurious comfort for the driver and front passenger. Meanwhile, the streamlined dashboard, ambient lighting and revised climate controls create a comfortable, driver-centric cockpit.

The Sorento boasts three rows of seating, so you can comfortably accommodate 7 people whenever you need. The 60:40 second row and 50:50 third row split-folding seats can also expand the boot space, making the Sorento ideal for family trips.

At Kia, a key part of our commitment to reliability is ensuring you feel confident in your vehicle’s active and passive safety capabilities. That’s why we’ve fitted the Sorento with a suite of intelligent and intuitive safety features, including our anti-collision system and highway and parking assistants.

Find out more about the Kia Sorento and how you can experience refined SUV reliability first-hand.

Reimagine the future of family driving with the EV9

If you’re looking for a family SUV with impressive green credentials, let us introduce you to our newest, all-electric car, the Kia EV9.

Recently crowned as winner of the UK and World Car of the Year 2024, the EV9 reimagines the electric driving experience, bringing reliability, luxury and sustainability in a single model.

This electric SUV is built on our new Electric Global Modular Platform (EGMP), which unlocks benefits in every direction. The revolutionary platform grants more space, improved braking and cornering performance, and our longest electric range yet.

With a flat-floor architecture and long wheelbase, you can enjoy generous cabin space with three rows of premium, lounge-style seating. EV9 owners also have the option of flexible swivel seats or relaxation seats in the second row, giving them the freedom to move and relax exactly as they want.

Thanks to a 99.8kW battery and fourth-generation battery cells, the EV9 boasts an electric range of up to 349 miles*, our longest EV range yet. Owners can also benefit from the convenience of ultra-fast charging. You can get 154 miles’ worth of power in just 15 minutes, or charge from 10% to 80% in just 24 minutes*.

Like the Sorento, the EV9 is fitted with a host of cutting-edge safety features. Anti-collision and parking assists detect and mitigate risks before they occur. The EV9 also showcases the new Vehicle-to-Load function, which enables you to charge household devices from your car’s battery.

Browse our entire SUV range to discover more about the EV9, the Sorento and all our most reliable SUVs. Find the best match for your needs with Kia.

Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be to full UK specification. Features shown are not standard across the Kia model range and availability will vary dependant on model. For further details please refer to the individual model specification sheets.


Product availability varies by models. To find out which products are available for your vehicle, please contact your Kia dealer.



*The range was determined according to the standardised EU measurement procedure (WLTP). The individual driving style and other factors, such as speed, outside temperature, topography and the use of electricity-consuming devices/units, have an influence on the real-life range and can possibly reduce it.