What Is Car Infotainment? All You Need to Know
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What Is Car Infotainment? All You Need to Know

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What is car infotainment? Everything you need to know

Infotainment is an in-car system that provides information and entertainment, usually in the form of a screen mounted in your car dashboard. As automotive technology continues to advance, so are the capabilities and convenience of car infotainment systems, which are now a standard feature in most modern cars.

Whether you want step-by-step navigation or surround-sound music, infotainment systems are designed to keep you connected and entertained on the road. Let’s explore more about in-car infotainment, how it works and how Kia Connect infotainment can transform your driving experience.

How does a car infotainment system work?

A car infotainment system is effectively a multimedia, user-friendly interface that operates as a consolidated entertainment and information hub. It’s also often the main control unit for many car functions, like temperature and music settings. The system is controlled by a Central Processing Unit (CPU), which acts as the brain of the computer and enables it to execute requests.

Like all automotive technology, infotainment systems have advanced over time, becoming more intelligent and including a more comprehensive range of services. Rather than facing a dashboard of different buttons for different functions, these controls are now consolidated into one unit. In modern cars, this is usually a touchscreen or, increasingly so, voice control, so you can focus more on driving.

Can I connect a smartphone to my infotainment system?

Most modern infotainments systems feature a Bluetooth connection that enables you to wirelessly connect a smartphone to your car. In older systems that don’t have Bluetooth technology, you may have to connect your phone via a USB cable.

Smartphone integration enables various useful features, like hands-free phone calls and music and media streaming. With Kia Connect, you can also sync your calendar to the infotainment system, so your car keeps you updated on upcoming appointments or events.

Smartphone integration is becoming a standard feature in car infotainment. However, the capabilities of your system will differ depending on the model and manufacturer of your car. Kia Connect is one of the industry’s most advanced infotainment systems, offering numerous connected services.

Is it illegal to use an infotainment system while driving?

While infotainment is incredibly useful, using on-screen navigation or entertainment can be distracting and potentially dangerous while driving.

UK law states that touching your phone while driving is illegal, except for calling 999 in an emergency or for a stationary contactless payment at a drive through. Taking a phone call via a hands-free system, on the other hand, is legal.

However, if the infotainment system is distracting you, it can be illegal. The UK Police state: “The police have the right to stop you if they think you’re distracted and not in control of your vehicle.” In this situation, you can face fines, receive points on your licence or even be banned from driving.

It’s best to keep your eyes and full attention on the road at all times. That’s why we’ve made sure Kia Connect has voice control. This allows you to control the infotainment system – for example taking a phone call or queuing a song – without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

Can I replace my infotainment system?

Most infotainment systems are designed to operate with the specific technology used by the manufacturer. Therefore, if you wish to replace the system, it must be compatible with the technology used by the manufacturer. While this may be possible for some systems, it is often quite difficult and costly.

At Kia, all our newer models, including the EV9, the new Sorento and the new Picanto, have Over The Air (OTA) update technology. This enables you to keep your car infotainment updated with all the latest technology as it’s released. This means you can always remain at the forefront of automotive technology with an up-to-date infotainment system.

Intuitive and seamless car infotainment with Kia

Here at Kia, we’re committed to making your driving experience as safe, convenient and immersive as possible. That’s why all our cars are fitted with an advanced, high-tech infotainment system and comprehensive Kia Connect services.

Whether you’re using real-time navigation to get a smart read on the road ahead or checking for available EV chargers near you, you can always stay connected on the go. Your advanced hub of connectivity includes:

Dual or triple display

All our Kia cars use a high-resolution screen for an impressive display that includes infotainment, navigation and other system controls. The Sportage and the new Sorento boast integrated, dual 12.3-inch driver displays. Meanwhile, the Kia EV9 infotainment system uses a triple panorama display, with two 12.3-inch screens and one 5.3-inch screen.

Voice control

Kia Connect includes voice control capabilities. You can send a message or change the cabin temperature while keeping your attention on the road.


Your Kia infotainment system provides a connected navigation system with real-time traffic data, comprehensive turn-by-turn instructions and ETAs based on live and historical traffic data.

Apple Car Play and Android Auto

You can seamlessly connect your smartphone to your Kia with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Enjoy in-car entertainment straight from your phone. This includes viewing your favourite apps on the car touchscreen, listening to your playlists through the sound system and syncing your calendar.

Climate control

Advanced climate control settings let you adjust the cabin temperature. With the Kia Connect app, you can even schedule and pre-set the temperature remotely from your smartphone.

Local EV charging points

If you’re driving a Kia electric car, you can access our comprehensive directory of public charging stations and find a charger near you. You can also view vital availability information.

Calendar syncing

With this feature, you can sync your phone’s calendar with your Kia and view all your upcoming appointments. You can even set up your diary to prompt and navigate you to your next appointment.

Weather and sport updates

As a major sponsor of various sports events and associations, including FIFA and the Australian Open, we want to make sure you can stay updated with your sports team. Kia Connect enables you to view live sports updates and local weather forecasts.

Kia Connect app

With the Kia Connect app, you can always stay connected to your Kia, even when you’re not driving. Enjoy features like remote battery control, which enables you to control and schedule charging from your phone, as well as the Kia Digital Key and Find my Car.

Tap into the future with Kia and enjoy all these car infotainment features and more. If you want to find more about our connectivity features, visit the dedicated Kia Connect page.

Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be to full UK specification. Features shown are not standard across the Kia model range and availability will vary dependant on model. For further details please refer to the individual model specification sheets.


Product availability varies by models. To find out which products are available for your vehicle, please contact your Kia dealer.