Prepare your car for any adventure with Kia Genuine Accessories
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Prepare your car for any adventure with Kia Genuine Accessories

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The perfect fit for any adventure

Accessories offer a simple and effective way to make your Kia the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re looking to stand out from the crowd by adding some visual flair or enhance your vehicle with accessories for holiday driving, there’s a Kia accessory to suit you and your vehicle.

Better still, Kia Genuine Accessories are specifically designed to perfectly fit your Kia vehicle, and they come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

We sat down with Chris Lear, Kia UK’s Director of After Sales to find out more about how Kia Genuine Accessories can enhance your summer adventures.

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

Why might someone want accessories for their car?

“I would say there are three parts to this. One is to protect your purchase. Carpet Mats, rubber mats, mud flaps, boot liners – all of those accessories will protect the car from the rigours of daily use".

"The second is to stand out. We have many styling products, such as side trims and door mirror caps with different colours and textures, along with sidesteps, footwell illumination, and more – all things that create a point of difference from the standard floor model."

“The third part is to suit your lifestyle. This could mean having extra storage for a family car, safety features for pets – whatever kind of lifestyle challenges you have, you can get accessories to help.”

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

Can you give some examples of how Kia Accessories can tailor your car to suit your lifestyle?

“If you’re a dog owner, the dog guard cargo separator will help keep your dog in the rear of the vehicle".

“A towbar is another obvious example, if you ever travel with a caravan, storage trailer or boat. Interestingly, we have towbars for all of our electric vehicles. Our EVs have significant towing capability – particularly the EV6 and EV9.”

In fact, the EV6 can tow up to 1,600kg, while the all-wheel drive EV9 is capable of pulling up to 2,500kg. You also have the option to choose a retractable towbar or a detachable towbar. “And then there is needing additional storage. Roof boxes and carrying accessories are a great solution here. We have cross bars, or roof racks as they are sometimes known, which can hold various attachments such as a roof box, a ski carrier, or a bike carrier. After all, it's not an easy task to get a mountain bike in the boot of most cars.”

Do you have any favourite Kia Accessories?

“It sounds boring, but I really like the boot liner. It just gives you so much practicality. It doesn't matter what you throw into the boot of the car, whether it's muddy shoes, a dog, oily items – you can just take that liner out, wash it down and put it back in. We also have a product that extends that boot liner. You can put some special mat attachments on the back of the rear seats, so that you actually have protection throughout the load area when the seats are folded flat".

“I also really like side steps because they add a bit of style to the car. Being a little bit vertically challenged, they're handy for stepping into a car that's quite high!"

“I also use a hardwired dashcam because that just gives me peace of mind in terms of safety and security. Even when the vehicle is parked, if it's nudged in some way, the dashcam will activate and record footage."

“We also have an electrically deployable towbar. It's one of my favourites because of the engineering. The whole thing folds away completely under the floor of the car, completely hidden from view. You simply press a button inside the boot and the tow bar comes out and clicks into position. It’s a very neat solution.”

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

Are there any EV-specific Kia Accessories?

“The only things that are bespoke to EVs are a 3-pin plug charger for those occasions when a wall charger may not be available and a longer EV charging cable. We offer a 7.5m option to complement the standard 5m cable. That’s useful if your new car is larger than your previous one, or you can’t park quite as close to the charging unit.”

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

How easy is it to order Kia Accessories?

“Really easy. There are two ways. First of all, you can go to your nearest Kia Dealer to order accessories. Alternatively, you can go to the Kia website and visit the accessories click and collect section. You can put your registration number in, and it will present you with all the products that are available for your exact car. Then you can click to collect. The dealer will contact you for payment and to arrange the collection."

“Some products need expertise to fit, and that's all part of the click and collect process. I wouldn't personally try to fit something complicated like an electrically deployable tow bar myself if I'm honest. However, for products that are more for day-to-day use, like the dog guards, there are some really comprehensive instructions that come with them, so you can elect to do it yourself if you would prefer.”

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

How do you know whether the Kia Accessories will fit your car?

“It's all driven by your vehicle registration number. The website only presents products that fit that particular vehicle. The dealer will also double-check to make sure no error has been made. If you go to the dealer directly, they’ll be best placed to identify the right product for your vehicle.”

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

What are the benefits of getting Kia Genuine Accessories?

“There are three things that spring to mind. One is the guaranteed fitting. Roof bars are a practical example. You'll find a lot of universal products available in the high street where you will buy the bar and then have to purchase some attachments that are slightly more bespoke for the vehicle. You may need clamps that go into the door shut of the car, for example. You won't typically see that on our roof bars. They tend to fit into factory mounts in each Kia vehicle."

“That really leads to the second point – that accessory compatibility is built into the vehicle from day one. So, if you use a Kia Genuine Accessory, it's designed to work with the vehicle. Returning to the roof bar example, Niro has a couple of covers, under which the roof bars bolt directly into the load-bearing structure of the chassis. So, there's no possibility they'll come loose or damage the vehicle by putting weight in the wrong location. Even for accessories such as mud flaps, there are mounts ready to bolt them in. If you go universal, you tend to have to start drilling holes and doing other things. This is especially true for our towbar, which has a wiring kit designed to perfectly interface with the vehicle, so all of the systems work as they should."

“The final benefit is that all of our accessories have a 2-year warranty. A lot of them are branded as well. They will have our logo on, making them fit the look of the car far better than a proprietary brand.”

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

What are the most useful accessories for holiday driving?

“For holiday driving, the most useful accessories are roof bars and a roof box. Those are something that I used a lot when my kids were younger, and we seemed to have to take the whole house on holiday with us. Again, the boot liner scenario is pretty good because sand is the big enemy of the interior of a car. And when you've got young kids, they tend to bring the whole beach with them back to the vehicle. So again, that's a really good way to be able to just throw stuff back in the boot without having to spend hours cleaning up.”

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Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

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