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10 Best Service Stations in the UK

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The UK’s Best Service Stations, Ranked for Luxury

The UK is fantastic for travelling, as you can get almost anywhere by road. If you're planning a longer drive, it's always worth factoring some stops into your trip, whether it's to charge your electric cars or just grab a bite to eat and stretch your legs.

But not all UK service stations are created equal. We all know quality can vary from station to station, so it helps to research your options before taking a long road trip. This is especially true if you need something specific, like dog-walking areas or electric vehicle charging stations .

To help you make your next road trip even better, we've researched the very best service stations in the UK and ranked them for their luxury facilities. Read on to discover the 10 best UK service stations.

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The Top 10 Most-Luxurious Service Stations in the UK

Without further ado, here's the top 10 list of the best, most outstanding UK service stations, and their scores:

1. Gloucester (M5) – 7

2. Tebay (M6) – 10

3. Beaconsfield (M40) – 16

4. Stafford North (M6) – 29

5. Cobham (M25) – 30

6. Oxford (M40) – 33

7. Fleet (M3) – 36

8. Cornwall (A30) – 38

9. Baldock (A1 M) – 41

10. Abington (M74) – 44

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Why Are These Services Stations the Best?

To calculate our top-10 list of the best service stations in the UK, we first narrowed down service stations in the UK based on Google Reviews, then analysed further factors to create the rankings. The factors analysed were:

• Google review ranking

• Number of amenities

• Variety of amenities

• Parking costs and times

• Aesthetic score

Each metric was given a score, with one being the best, and combined. The lower the final score, the better the services.

We know how vital EV charging at service stations has become, so we noted whether each station had options for charging electric vehicles. We're happy to announce every winner in the top ten has electric car charging points .

Here’s more detailed information on why the best UK service stations scored so highly:

Jodie Kidd and the Kia EV9

1. Gloucester

Coming in first place is Gloucester Services, our best service station on the M5. Gloucester received the highest score from Google Reviews, with an impressive score of 4.4/5. As well as beautiful aesthetics, it has electric car charging points and up to three hours of free parking.

Gloucester has a vast number of amenities. Special amenities include a farm shop and kitchen, gelato counter, children's play area, dog walking routes, dining terrace, and pond. So, whether you're stopping off on a family road trip or need somewhere to walk your pup, you'll be spoiled for choice of things to do at this stunning service station.

What visitors say:

"Loved it… what a find. The restaurants had good food, and the farm shop was fantastic. All great quality goods, food and drink. We were more than happy with our artisan sourdough loaf, organic vegetables and homemade pie. I will definitely drop by again when travelling this route!" - Google Review

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2. Tebay

Tebay Services on the M6 is another high contender for best service station, coming in second place. Tebay also has a high Google Review score of 4.4, with lots of variety of across its shops and amenities. You can park for up to three hours for free, and electric vehicle charging points are on hand.

Standout amenities include a farm shop with a butcher's counter, cheese counter and deli counter, along with a caravan park for those looking for overnight stays. Tebay also features outdoor dining options, picnic spots, a duck pond and dog walking areas, all with stunning aesthetics that make the area a welcomed stop for motorists.

What visitors say:

"We did not expect a service station to be so nice and relaxing. The building resembles a farm shop with a lovely pond and water features around the back. [You can find] an amazing range of local and homemade products from the farm shop to take away, and it also has plenty of outdoor seating and a picnic area with an exercise/dog walk area. [It is] easily the nicest services I've had the pleasure of visiting!" - Google Review

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3. Beaconsfield

Coming in third is Beaconsfield Services on the M40. What makes Beaconsfield a great electric car service station isn’t just its EV charging. It also features IONITY rapid charge, so you can be back on your way even faster – although you might not want to! Beaconsfield has plenty of reasons you'll want to take your time, with a range of different shops and restaurants, a high Google Review rating of 4.2, three hours of free parking, and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

As well as chains, such as M&S and Starbucks, not to mention a hotel for overnight stays, Beaconsfield offers a large lakeside walk where you can stretch your legs. After you've explored, you can sit and enjoy your lunch on the pretty dining terrace or picnic areas.

What visitors say:

"What a fantastic discovery! This is probably one of the best service stations I've visited. Great location and a wide selection of different restaurants to eat in. There is a nice lake which is great in good weather. Who doesn't want to sit outside with a picnic watching the Red Kites swooping? I now even use this place to meet up with work colleagues when I don't fancy going into London. Highly recommended." - Google Review

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4. Stafford North

Next on the list of our best, most luxurious service stations is Stafford North, on the M6. Stafford North has GRIDSERVE charging stations, making charging your electric cars a breeze. It has a solid Google Review rating of 4.1, and you can park for free for up to two hours.

Among the shops and restaurants, you can find an M&S Food and Pret a Manger to stock up on snacks and supplies. There's also a Travelodge if you need a break on longer trips, with a large field and lakeside walk accessible from the back of the hotel.

What visitors say:

"Wow – one of the best services on M6! The best and most unique thing about this services is the lake, and kids' play area. On a sunny day, the lake and fountain are a treat to watch. You can walk around the lake, then sit and relax after a hectic drive on motorways." - Google Review

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5. Cobham

Coming in halfway down the top 10 is Cobham Services, which you'll find on the M25. Like its two predecessors, Cobham also comes with handy IONITY rapid charging for those with electric vehicles , and up to 3 hours of free parking.

Cobham has a Google Review rating of 4.1 and a range of shops and restaurants to explore, with a great variety of food options, including Leon and M&S. Unique amenities include a laundry room, a lakeside walk and a pretty outdoor terrace.

What visitors say:

"This is a great Welcome Break service station on the M25. Clean, modern with a load of shops and places to eat and drink, including Nando's, WHSmith, M&S, KFC, Greggs, McDonald's, Starbucks, Pizza Express, and many more – you are spoiled for choice. A busy and popular place with plenty of parking, EV chargers and a fuel station." - Google Review

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6. Oxford

The sixth best service station in the UK is Oxford Services, located on the M40. These services have a strong Google Review rating of 4.1, EV charging, and you can relax for up to two hours without paying for parking.

Among the various shops and restaurants, you can find favourites like Burger King and KFC, as well as Waitrose for higher-end snacks and essentials. There's a Ramada hotel on site and surrounding the service station you can find an outdoor terrace, pond and picnic area, as well as plenty of green space.

What visitors say:

"The best service stop I have seen! Clean facilities and a great selection of outlets. The seating outdoors is a great facility to enjoy the weather. [There are] good-spaced parking bays and large parking, including electric chargers." - Google Review

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7. Fleet

The next service station to make the top ten is Fleet Services on the M3. Here, you can charge your EV and enjoy two hours of parking for free while you explore the facilities on offer.

Fleet has a Google Review rating of 4, and a number of shops and restaurants to explore. You can grab your essentials in Waitrose or sit with the family and enjoy a meal at Pizza Express. If you're looking to stretch your legs, you'll find a picnic area and a small, wooded area around the car park, with a pretty water feature nearby.

What visitors say:

"Very beautiful, but full of people. You will get almost all the food here, but you may have to wait 10-30 minutes. You can also buy groceries as well here. The restroom was very clean and there was also a game section for kids." - Google Review

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8. Cornwall

Coming in eighth on the list is Cornwall Services, located on the A30. Cornwall Services has a great Google Review rating of 4.3, with EV charging and up to four hours of free parking – the longest of all the services analysed.

There are shops and restaurants where you can refuel or stock up on road trip essentials, including a Taco Bell, Greggs, Subway and Co-op. As well as a hotel for overnight stays, there's a playground for kids, a Players Lounge, and a laundrette.

What visitors say:

"Cornwall Services is an amazing find on an A-road. Certainly as good as the best motorway services. Incredible setting, plenty of parking and loads of green space to sit, walk and allow dogs some exercise. Good food selection though no plate-cooked breakfast. Best of all was six rapid electric chargers and maybe eight 11kwh fast chargers. Superb!" - Google Review

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9. Baldock

Next on the list of most luxurious service stations is Baldock, which you can access if you're travelling on the A1 (M). You'll find IONITY EV charging here for super-fast electric vehicle charging, and up to three hours of free parking. Baldock Services has a Google Review rating of 4.1.

Among the shops and restaurants, you can find an M&S for upmarket essentials, a noodle bar, Krispy Crème, fish and chips and West Cornwall Pasty Co. There's also a hotel on site, a multi-faith room, showers, and green space behind the hotel. For the kids, you'll find a play area, perfect for letting out that pent-up road trip energy. What visitors say:

"Great services. Clean toilets which have recently been renovated. We had fish and chips, then strolled over to Greggs for some coffees! Comfy seating as well. All the choices AND... was travelling on Mother's Day but it wasn't too busy!" - Google Review

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10. Abington

Finally, making number 10 on the list is Abington Services, located on the M74. Abington has a slightly lower Google Review rating of 3.9, but gained points with the vast number of amenities, shops and restaurants available.

You can treat yourself to a hot cooked breakfast, enjoy noodles at Chopstix, or grab lunch from one of the many dining options while you enjoy up to two hours of free parking. There's also a hotel, along with pet-friendly outdoor areas where your four-legged friends can enjoy some well-deserved exercise.

What visitors say:

"I decided to stop at Abington because I've previously had a positive experience there. And yet again I wasn't let down: I was welcomed to Chopstix by fantastic, welcoming and speedy staff. This was followed by hot, fresh-tasting, delicious food… I can't wait for my next trip up north to stop again!" - Google Review

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