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Checking washer fluid level


  1. Check the fluid level in the washer fluid reservoir and add fluid if necessary. Plain water may be used if washer fluid is not available.

  2. However, use washer solvent with antifreeze characteristics in cold climates to prevent freezing.

The reservoir is translucent so that you can check the level with a quick visual inspection.

  • Do not use radiator coolant or antifreeze in the washer fluid reservoir.

  • Radiator coolant can severely obscure visibility when sprayed on the windscreen and may cause loss of vehicle control or damage to paint and body trim.

  • Windscreen Washer fluid agents contain some amounts of alcohol and can be flammable under certain circumstances. Do not allow sparks or flame to contact the washer fluid or the washer fluid reservoir. Damage to the vehicle or occupants could occur.

  • Windscreen washer fluid is poisonous to humans and animals. Do not drink and avoid contacting windscreen washer fluid. Serious injury or death could occur.