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Ignition switch (if equipped)

  1. LOCK

  2. ACC

  3. ON

  4. START


  1. LOCK

    • The ignition key can be removed.

  2. ACC (Accessory)

    • The electrical accessories can be operated.

  3. ON

    • The warning lights can be checked.

  4. START

    • Turn the ignition switch to start the engine. The brake warning light can be checked.

Ignition key interlock system (if equipped)

The ignition key cannot be removed unless the vehicle is in P (Park).

  • Never turn the ignition switch to LOCK or ACC whilst the vehicle is moving. This would result in loss of directional control and braking function, which could cause an accident.

  • Do not attach small purses, multiple keys, or any other heavy accessories to the driver's key chain used to start the vehicle. This may cause the driver to accidentally make the key inserted in the vehicle to change the ignition position to the ACC position whilst the vehicle is moving thereby increasing the risk of an accident and causing the deactivation of several safety features.

  • To avoid unexpected or sudden vehicle movement, never leave your vehicle if the gear is not locked in the P (Park) position and the parking brake is fully engaged. Before leaving the driver's seat, always make sure the gear is shifted to P (Park) position, set the parking brake fully and shut the engine off.


If you leave the ignition switch to the ACC or ON position for a long time, the battery may discharge.