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Seat ventilation (if equipped)

The seat ventilation is provided to cool the front seats.


  • To ventilate your seat cushion, press the button.

    Each time you press the button, the airflow will change as follows:

  • It is set to the OFF position by default, when the vehicle is in ON position.

  • Use the air ventilation seat ONLY when the climate control system is on. Using the air ventilation seat for prolonged periods of time with the climate control system off could cause the air ventilation seat malfunction.

  • Do not change the seat cover. It may damage the seat air ventilation system.

  • Seat damage

    • When cleaning the seats, do not use an organic solvent such as paint thinner, benzene, alcohol and petrol. Doing so may damage the air ventilation seat.

  • If the air vents do not operate, restart the vehicle. If there is no change, we recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by an authorised Kia dealer.

  • Do not place materials such as plastic bags or newspapers under the seats. They may block the air intake causing the air vents to not work properly.

  • Avoid spilling liquids on the surface of the front seats and seatbacks. this may cause the air vent holes to become blocked and not work properly.