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Inside rear view mirror

Adjusting the day/night rear view mirror (if equipped)

  • A: Day

  • B: Night


  1. Push the day/night lever (1) during daytime.

  2. Pull the day/night lever (2) to reduce the headlamp glare during low light and night driving conditions.

Electric Chromic Mirror (ECM) (if equipped)

The sensor mounted in the mirror senses the light level around the vehicle, and automatically controls the headlight glare from the vehicles behind you.

When the engine is running, the glare is automatically controlled by the sensor mounted in the rearview mirror.

Electric Chromic Mirror (ECM) with Kia Connect service (if equipped)

  1. SOS Button

  2. Roadside assist button

  3. Virtual assist button (Kia Connect)

  4. Sensor

Telematics buttons are also located on the mirror.

  • Do not place objects in the rear seat or cargo area which would interfere with your vision out the rear window.

  • Do not adjust the rear view mirror whilst the vehicle is moving. This could result in loss of control, and an accident which could cause DEATH, SERIOUS INJURY, or property damage.

  • Do not modify the inside mirror and don't install a wide mirror. It could result in injury, during an accident or deployment of the air bag.