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Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) (if equipped)

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) provides further enhancements to vehicle stability and steering responses.

Operating VSM


  1. Press the ESC OFF button to turn VSM off and the ESC OFF indicator light () is illuminated.

  2. Press the ESC OFF button again to turn VSM on and the ESC OFF indicator light () will go off.

Operating condition(s)

  • Driving on a slippery road

  • Friction change of left and right wheels is detected

Non-operating condition(s)

  • Driving on a gradient or inclined surface

  • Driving in reverse

  • ESC OFF indicator light () remains illuminated

  • EPS warning light () remains illuminated


When replacing tyres and wheels, make sure they are the same size as the original tyres and wheels installed. Driving with varying tyre or wheel sizes may diminish any supplemental safety benefits of the VSM system.

VSM malfunction indicator

VSM can be deactivated when the malfunction has been detected in the Electronic Power Steering system or VSM system. If the ESC indicator light () or EPS warning light () remains on, take your vehicle to a professional workshop and have the system checked. Kia recommends to visit an authorised Kia dealer/service partner.