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Important - use of compact spare tyre (if equipped)

The compact spare tyre is smaller than a conventional tyre and is designed for temporary use only.


  • Do not exceed 80 km/h (50 mph).

  • Drive slowly enough to avoid all hazards.

  • Continuous road use could result in tyre failure, loss of vehicle control, and possible personal injury.

  • Do not exceed the vehicle's maximum load rating or the load carrying capacity.

  • Avoid driving over obstacles. The compact spare tyre diameter is smaller than the diameter of a conventional tyre and reduces the ground clearance approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch), which could result in damage to the vehicle.

  • Do not take the vehicle through an automatic car wash.

  • Do not use tyre chains on the temporary compact tyre.

  • Do not install on the front axle if the vehicle must be driven in snow or on ice.

  • Do not use on any other vehicle.

  • Inspect your compact spare tyre regularly and replace with the same size and design.

  • The compact spare tyre should not be used on any other wheels, nor should standard tyres, snow tyres, wheel covers or trim rings be used with the compact spare wheel.

  • Do not use more than one compact spare tyre at a time.

  • Do not tow a trailer whilst the compact spare tyre is installed.


The compact spare tyre is for emergency use only. Do not operate your vehicle on this compact spare at the speed over 80 km/h (50 mph). The original tyre should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid failure of the spare possibly leading to personal injury or death.

  • You should drive carefully when the compact spare is in use. The compact spare should be replaced by the proper conventional tyre and rim at the first opportunity.

  • The operation of this vehicle is not recommended with more than one compact spare tyre in use at the same time.

  • Check the inflation pressure after installing the spare tyre. Adjust it to the specified pressure, as necessary.