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Cup holders (if equipped)

Cups or small beverage cans can be placed in the cup holders.

For 1st row seats, push the cup holder area to use the cup holder, or slide the dial to the right to enable the cooling/warming feature. (if equipped)

For 2nd row centre storage, pull the strap and fold the centre seat to use the cup holders or you can put a small can in the Cool/warm can holder located behind the centre console. (if equipped)

For 3rd row storage, cups, small beverage cans, or smart phones or tablets can be placed in the cup holders.

  • Hot liquids

    • Do not place uncovered cups with hot liquid in the cup holder whilst the vehicle is in motion. If the hot liquid spills, you burn yourself. Such a burn to the driver could lead to loss of control of the vehicle.

    • To reduce the risk of personal injury in the event of sudden stop or collision, do not place uncovered or unsecured bottles, glasses, cans, etc., in the cup holder whilst the vehicle is in motion.

  • Keep cans or bottles out of direct sun light and do not put them in a vehicle that is heated up. It may explode.

  • Keep your drinks sealed whilst driving to prevent spilling your drink. If liquid spills, it may get into the vehicle's electrical/electronic system and damage electrical/electronic parts.

  • When cleaning spilled liquids, do not dry the cup holder at high temperature. This may damage the cup holder.