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Removing and storing the spare tyre


Your spare tyre is stored underneath your vehicle, directly below the cargo area.

  1. Open the tailgate and the luggage board (if equipped).

  2. Find the spare tyre fixing bolt cover and remove the cover. If necessary, separate the tool case only after removing the clamp.

  3. Connect the wheel lug nut wrench and the socket.

    Use the wheel lug nut wrench to loosen the bolt enough to lower the spare tyre.

  4. Turn the wrench counterclockwise until the spare tyre reaches the ground.

  5. After the spare tyre reaches the ground, continue to turn the wrench counterclockwise, and draw the spare tyre outside. Never rotate the wrench excessively, otherwise the spare tyre carrier may be damaged.

  6. Remove the retainer (1) from the centre of the spare tyre.

  7. To store the spare tyre, lay the tyre on the ground with the valve stem facing up.

  8. Place the wheel under the vehicle and install the retainer (1) through the wheel centre.

  9. Turn the wrench clockwise until it clicks.

  • Be cautious as the minimum ground clearance gets lower when you store the original tyre in the bottom of the vehicle after replacing it with a spare tyre. In particular, drive below 30 km/h (18 mph) when driving over a speed bump and on uphill/downhill/uneven road.

  • Never attempt vehicle repairs in the traffic lanes of a public road or highway.

  • Always move the vehicle completely off the road and onto the shoulder before trying to change a tyre. The jack should be used on firm level ground. If you cannot find a firm level place off the road, call a towing service company for assistance.

  • Be sure to use the correct front and rear jacking positions on the vehicle; never use the bumpers or any other part of the vehicle for jacking support.

  • The vehicle can roll off the jack causing serious injury or death.

  • Do not get under a vehicle that is supported by a jack.

  • Do not start or run the engine whilst the vehicle is on the jack.

  • Do not allow anyone remain in the vehicle whilst it is on the jack.

  • Make sure any children present are in a secure place away from the road and from the vehicle to be raised with the jack.

  • Ensure the spare tyre retainer is properly aligned with the centre of the spare tyre to prevent the spare tyre from "rattling". Otherwise, it may cause the spare tyre to fall off the carrier and lead to an accident.