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Securing a Child Restraint System seat with "Top-tether Anchorage" system


  1. Route the Child Restraint System seat strap over the seatback.

  2. Connect the top-tether to the top-tether anchorage,

  3. Tighten the top-tether according to the instructions of your Child Restraint System's manufacturer.


Take the following precautions when installing the top-tether:

  • Read and follow all installation instructions provided with your Child Restraint System.

  • NEVER attach more than one Child Restraint System to a single ISOFIX top-tether anchorage. This could cause the anchorage or attachment to come loose or break.

  • Do not attach the top-tether to anything other than the correct top-tether anchorage. It may not work properly if attached to something else.

  • Child Restraint System anchorages are designed to withstand only those loads imposed by correctly fitted Child Restraint System. Under no circumstances are they to be used for adult seat belts or harnesses or for attaching other items or equipment to the vehicle.