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Replacing rear wiper blade (if equipped)


  1. Raise the wiper arm and pull out the wiper blade assembly.

  2. Lift up the wiper blade, and pull the blade to remove it.

  3. Install the new blade assembly by inserting the centre part into the slot in the wiper arm until it clicks into place.

  4. Make sure the blade assembly is installed firmly by trying to pull it slightly.


To prevent damage to the wiper arms or other components, have the wiper blade replaced by a professional workshop. Kia recommends to visit an authorised Kia dealer/service partner.

  • Do not use petrol, kerosene, paint thinner, or other solvents on or near them.

  • Do not attempt to move the wipers manually.

  • The use of a non-specified wiper blade could result in wiper malfunction and failure.

  • Do not allow the wiper arm to fall against the windscreen, since it may chip or crack the windscreen.

  • If the wiper arm receives too much force whilst pulling the blade, the centre part may be damaged.

  • The wiper could not operate for approximately 10 seconds when the wiper is operated without washer fluid or the blades are frozen. This is not a malfunction, it is a wiper protection system activated by motor overload circuit within the wiper motor.

  • The front windscreen should be cleaned with water hose and wiped with clean towel with wiper blades raised up. Also, the wiper blades should be wiped clean when the grease or wax is applied to the blades.


Commercial hot waxes applied by automatic car washes have been known to make the windscreen difficult to clean.