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Resetting the sunroof

In some circumstances resetting the sunroof operation may need to be performed. Some instances where resetting the sunroof may be required include:

  • When the 12-volt battery is either disconnected or discharged

  • When the sunroof fuse is replaced

  • If the sunroof one-touch AUTO OPEN/CLOSE operation is not functioning properly

Sunroof resetting procedure:

  1. It is recommended to perform the reset procedure with the vehicle engine running. Start the vehicle in P (Park).

  2. Make sure the sunroof glass is in the fully closed position. If the sunroof glass is open, push the switch forward until the sunroof glass is fully closed.

  3. Release the switch when the sunroof glass is fully closed.

  4. Push the switch forward until the sunroof glass moves slightly. Then release the switch.

  5. Once again push and hold the sunroof switch forward until the sunroof glass slides open and close. Do not release the switch until the operation is completed.

    If you release the switch during operation, start the procedure again from step 2.


If the sunroof does not reset when the vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged, or the sunroof fuse is blown, the sunroof may not operate normally.