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Roof rack (if equipped)

Do not load cargo on roof. The roof rack is not intended for load carriage and it is for aesthetics only.

Crossbars and fixing components needed to install the roof rack on your vehicle may be obtained from an authorised Kia dealer/service partner or other qualified shop.

  • The vehicle centre of gravity will be higher when items are loaded onto the roof rack. Avoid sudden starts, braking, sharp turns, abrupt manoeuvres or high speeds that may result in loss of vehicle control or rollover resulting in an accident.

  • Always drive slowly and turn corners carefully when carrying items on the roof rack. Severe wind updrafts, caused by passing vehicles or natural causes, can cause sudden upward pressure on items loaded on the roof rack. This is especially true when carrying large, flat items such as wood panels or mattresses. This could cause the items to fall off the roof rack and cause damage to your vehicle or others around you.

  • To prevent damage or loss of cargo whilst driving, check frequently before or whilst driving to make sure the items on the roof rack are securely fastened.