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Economical operation

Your vehicle's fuel economy depends mainly on your style of driving, where you drive and when you drive.

Each of these factors affects how many kilometres (miles) you can get from a litre (gallon) of fuel. To operate your vehicle as economically as possible, use the following driving suggestions to help save money in both fuel and repairs:

  • Drive smoothly.

  • Drive at a moderate speed.

  • Take care of your tyres.

  • Be sure that the wheels are aligned correctly.

  • Maintain your vehicle in accordance with the maintenance schedule.

  • Don't carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle.

  • Don't let the engine idle longer than necessary.

  • Don't "lug" or "over-rev" the engine.

  • Don't open the windows at high speeds.

  • Slow down when driving in crosswinds and headwinds.


Never turn the engine off to coast down hills or anytime the vehicle is in motion. The power steering and power brakes will not function properly without the engine running. In addition, turning off the ignition whilst driving could engage the steering wheel lock resulting in loss of vehicle steering. Keep the engine on and downshift to an appropriate gear for engine braking effect.