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Removing/reinstalling the headrests

2nd row seats (if equipped)
3rd row seats (if equipped)


  • Push and hold the release button (1) whilst pulling the headrest up.

  • Do it in reverse order to reinstall the headrest.

  • For maximum effectiveness in case of an accident, the headrest should be adjusted so the middle of the headrest in at the same height of the centre of gravity of an occupant's head. Generally, the centre of gravity of most people's head is similar with the height of the top of their eyes. Also, adjust the headrest as close to your head as possible. For this reason, the use of a cushion that holds the body away from the seatback is not recommended.

  • Do not operate the vehicle with the headrests removed or reversed as severe injury to the occupants may occur in the event of an accident. Headrests may provide protection against neck injuries when properly adjusted.

  • Do not adjust the headrest position of the driver's seat whilst the vehicle is in motion.

  • Make sure the headrest locks in position after adjusting it to properly protect the occupants.

  • Never allow anyone to ride in a seat with the headrests removed.

  • Always make sure the headrest locks into position after reinstalling and adjusting it properly.

  • When there is no occupant in the rear seats, adjust the height of the headrest to the lowest position. The rear seat headrest can reduce the visibility of the rear area.

  • If you recline the seatback towards the front with the headrest and seat cushion raised, the headrest may come in contact with the sun visor or other parts of the vehicle.