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Power windows automatic reversal (if equipped)


  1. Windows will stop and move down.

    • Approximately 30 cm (12 inches)

  2. Windows will move down.

    • Approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch)

Operating condition(s)

  • Object or part of the body is detected

  • Force is detected

  • Always check for obstructions before raising any window to avoid injuries or vehicle damage. If an object less than 4 mm (0.16 inches) in diameter is caught between the window glass and the upper window channel, the automatic reverse window may not detect the resistance and will not stop and reverse direction.

  • The automatic reverse feature is not activated whilst resetting power window system. Make sure body parts or other objects are safely out of the way before closing the windows to avoid injuries or vehicle damage.


The automatic reverse feature for the window is only active when the "auto up" feature is used by fully pulling up the switch. The automatic reverse feature will not operate if the window is raised using the halfway position on the power window switch.