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USB port

You can use a USB port to plug the USB in.


Cell phone use

Do not use a cellular phone whilst driving. Stop at a safe location to use a cellular phone.

  • Depending on the size, length, or shape of the USB stick, if you forcibly close the tray cover, the USB device may be damaged or deformed or the cover may not reopen as the device is stuck. When the stick is stuck, forcibly opening the cover can also cause damage to the device. If the USB stick does not fit into the space, do not close the cover and try another USB stick with different specifications.

  • When using a communication system such as a cellular phone or a radio set inside the vehicle, a separate external antenna must be fitted. When a cellular phone or a radio set is used with only the internal antenna, it may interfere with the vehicle's electrical system and adversely affect the safe operation of the vehicle.