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Feature of seat leather (if equipped)

  • Our car seats are upholstered with a combination of artificial and genuine leather. The genuine leather is made from the outer skin of an animal, which goes through a special process to be available for use. Since it is a natural substance, each part differs in thickness or density. Also, wrinkles could appear depending on the temperature and humidity.

  • The seat cover is made of stretchable material to improve comfort of passengers.

  • The parts contacting the body are curved and the side supporting area is high which provides driving comfort and stability.

  • Wrinkles may appear naturally from usage. It is not a fault of the product.

  • Wrinkles or abrasions which appear naturally from usage are not covered by warranty.

  • Belts with metallic accessories, zippers or keys inside the back pocket may damage the seat fabric.

  • Make sure not to wet the seat. It may change the nature of natural leather.

  • Jeans or clothes which could bleach may contaminate the surface of the seat covering fabric.