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Rear Occupant Alert (ROA)

The Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) is provided to help prevent exiting the vehicle with a rear passenger left in the vehicle.


  • Select SettingsVehicleConvenienceRear Occupant Alert on the infotainment system screen.


The infotainment system may change after software updates. For more information, refer to the manual provided in the infotainment system and the quick reference guide.

1st alert operation

A: Check rear seats

When you turn off the vehicle and open the driver's door after opening and closing the rear door or tailgate, the warning message appears on the cluster.

2nd alert operation (if equipped)

After the first alert, the second alert operates when any movement is detected in the vehicle after the driver's door is closed and all the doors are locked. The horn will sound for approximately 25 seconds. Also, a text message is sent to members of Kia Connect Services (if equipped). If the system continues to detect a movement, the alert operates up to 8 times. Unlock the doors with the smart key to stop the alert.

The system detects movement in the vehicle for 10 minutes after the door is locked.

Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) precautions

  • Make sure that all the windows are closed. If the window is open, the alert may operate by the sensor detecting an unintended movement (e.g. wind or bugs).

  • The alert may operate if movement in the driver or passenger seat is detected.

  • If the doors are locked with a passenger inside the vehicle, the alert may operate.

  • An alert can occur if the there is an impact on the vehicle.

  • If boxes or objects are stacked in the vehicle, the system may not detect the boxes or objects. Or, the alert may operate if the boxes or objects fall off.

  • The alert may operate with the doors locked due to car wash or surrounding vibration or noise.

  • The alert may operate when there are metallic or liquid objects in the vehicle.


Even if your vehicle is equipped with Advanced Rear Occupant Alert (ROA), always make sure to check the rear seat before you leave the vehicle. Advanced Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) may not operate when:

  • Movement does not continue for a certain period of time or the movement is small.

  • A child is not seated in a child restraint system.

  • Movement is detected in areas other than the rear seats.

  • The rear passenger is covered with a fabric containing metallic substance such as a blanket.

  • An object in the vehicle blocks the sensor.

  • The sensor is contaminated by foreign material.

  • An animal at the rear seat or luggage compartment is not large enough to be detected by the sensor or there is hardly any movement.

  • Attaching objects or modifying the interior ceiling, or the interior ceiling is deformed or damaged.

  • There are electronic interference around the vehicle.

  • Other environmental reasons that may affect the system.

  • The second alert is activated only after the prior activation of the first alert.

  • The second alert activates only when the sensor is equipped in the vehicle.

  • If you do not want to use Rear Occupant Alert, press the OK button on the steering wheel when the first alert is displayed on the cluster. Doing so will deactivate the second alert one time.

    A: Check rear seats

  • If the vehicle is started remotely (if equipped with Remote Start), inside movement detection will stop.

Declaration of conformity

The radio frequency components (ROA Radar Sensor) complies:

For Europe and CE certified countries