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Innovation inspired by nature

Let's move towards a more sustainable future together

Nature, the world's greatest innovator

Ever since the beginning, we found new ways of moving around. To see new worlds, live new experiences and discover new perspectives and ideas. But what so greatly advanced us has also hurt our greatest sources of inspiration. Nature.

It’s time to step back. Step back and realize that we can do better. In small steps and in giant leaps. We must act, together. Let nature lead the way. To create a fully sustainable future.

Under our brand vision to provide sustainable mobility solutions, we are committed to realizing carbon neutrality by 2045, through our 3S activities.
Sustainable mobility. Sustainable energy. Sustainable planet.

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  • Products & Services

    Sustainable mobility


    We are on our way to all-electric future with 11 EVs in the market by 2026.
    The Kia Concept EV9 shows our commitment for customers to sustainable mobility in the future.

  • Products & Services

    Sustainable mobility

    Kia is on its way to an all-electric future with 11 Electric Vehicles on the market by 2026. This aligns with our Plan S strategy to become a global leader in sustainable mobility.
    Our product lineup in Europe will be fully electric by 2035, followed by other major markets by 2040. And ultimately all global markets will be electric by 2045.
    In addition to EVs, we will introduce a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle lineup starting in 2028.



    The Kia Concept EV9: Hero of Kia’s Movement Towards Sustainable Mobility Solutions


    The Kia Concept EV9 represents Kia’s vision. It is a preview of the second model in our dedicated EV line-up and the first all-electric SUV. But there is much more than just a vision behind this latest concept vehicle.

    We want to create vehicles that not only take you to your destination but also create meaningful human experiences. Ideally, you’ll feel an emotional connection to our products, our brand, and to nature. The Kia Concept EV9 is the image of Kia’s commitment to sustainable mobility in the future.

    Kia EV9. Full side view.
  • Opposites united, inspired by Nature


    The world presents us with a multi-dimensional and rich balance of opposite and often contrasting concepts. This idea is reflected in our design identity, opposite united. As for the Concept EV9, we believed that the tension that lies in the contrast between nature and machine can actually lead us to a better and more sustainable way forward.
    The Kia Concept EV9 is inspired by an idea Kia calls “Bold for Nature.” For Kia, nature is where the creation process begins. We are not just copying nature, but learning from it. We embrace all that nature has to offer and work to understand the Earth’s principles. We strive to apply what we learn to every material we use and to the way we use those materials.
    Our mission is to provide the most rewarding experiences possible to our customers for a clean future. From the first to the very last step of our customer journey, this is Kia’s highest purpose.

    Sustainable Innovations


    Discarded trash in our oceans poses serious threats to marine life, but we know it can be turned into purposeful and reusable materials. At Kia, we want to not just simply recycle what we find in our oceans but rather upcycle and transform such waste into tactile fabrics. Because we looked to water for inspiration, we used recycled fishnets for the flooring, while seats and interior fabric are made from recycled plastic bottles and wool fiber.
    Remaining true to our commitment to sustainability, we chose vegan leather for the interior, reducing animal skin processing and creating a smaller carbon footprint. Looking to the future, at Kia we intend to completely phase out the use of leather in all of our vehicles.

    As you can see, beginning with the Kia Concept EV9, at Kia we are trying to live up to our responsibility to the world and our future. We welcome you to come along on our exciting journey towards sustainable mobility.


    The new Kia Concept EV9 will be presented at the 2021 LA Auto Show (Nov 19-28). 

    Kia EV9. Topshot and rear view.
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  • Productions & Ecosystem

    Sustainable energy


    We will achieve RE 100 by 2040 - All electric energy used at our manufacturing sites will be 100% renewable energy by 2040. Also, we’re working closely with our partners to build a sustainable supply chain.

  • Productions & Ecosystem

    Sustainable energy


    RE 100: All-Electric Future


    Regarding sustainable energy in production, we will achieve RE 100 by 2040. RE 100 states our goal for all electric power used at our manufacturing sites to come from 100% renewable sources. We will be 100% powered by renewable energy at overseas sites by 2030 and at domestic sites in Korea by 2040.
    To speed up our transition to clean energy, we will establish solar energy generating systems at our manufacturing plants in Korea, China, the United States, and India. In addition, all vehicles used at our business sites will be EVs by 2030.
    But we envision much more. To help foster a hydrogen society, we plan to use hydrogen fuel cell power generation technology as the energy source for all our worksites in the mid- to long-term future.


    Helping Production Partners Go Green


    To strengthen our shift toward positive contributions for the environment, changing our own manufacturing sites is not enough.
    More than ever before, we are working closely with our partners to preserve and protect the environment.
    By 2022, we’ll have guidelines and support programs in place for our tier-1 partners to help them achieve greenhouse gas reductions and carbon neutrality.
    For parts suppliers, we are establishing a greenhouse gas emission data management system. Among all our supply chain partners, steel suppliers currently generate the most carbon emissions. Hence, by 2030, we will work closely with them to supply “green steel” for our vehicles, which means they’ll produce one-third as much carbon emissions compared to current steel production.

  • Kia EV6. Driving through landscape. Seen from above.
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  • Society & Environment

    Sustainable planet

    We are taking a proactive approach to preserve the climate.
    Going beyond our own effort, we’ll create a movement where we work together towards a sustainable future.

  • Society & Environment

    Sustainable planet


    Kia is taking a proactive approach when it comes to a sustainable planet. To help increase our positive contributions to the environment, we have developed our concept of a virtuous recycling loop. We are achieving this concept by running pilot projects to commercially reuse EV batteries, working with local energy partners to recover and transform end-of-life batteries into energy storage systems.
    Another Kia initiative calls for 20% of all Kia vehicle plastic parts to be made from recycled plastic by 2030.
    Even with our best efforts, harmful emissions will continue to pose problems around the globe. That’s why we are also paying close attention to carbon offsets.

    Ocean with whales and orcas.

    Blue Carbon Program: Restoring Marine Ecosystem


    Kia’s Blue Carbon programs will be some of the most effective approaches yet seen to heal our environment. As one example, we have begun efforts to protect and restore the tidal mudflats in our home country of Korea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These mudflats serve as a carbon offset that absorbs 260,000 tons of harmful emissions annually. This is equivalent to the emissions produced by up to 110,000 ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles. Efforts to protect the tidal flats will have major effects in preserving the environment.
    Also, through external partnerships, we will contribute to recycling the marine plastic waste that pollutes the ocean.
    We believe that private organizations must collaborate, joining forces to explore new ideas through technology for innovative solutions to create a positive impact on the planet. That’s why our vision for sustainable mobility is not only transforming our products and services, but also transforming the connected ecosystem of our business by inviting other partners to join in building a sustainable future.

  • Partnership with The Ocean Cleanup.

    Partnership with The Ocean Cleanup


    And in moving toward this same objective we are excited to join hands with The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit foundation proactively working with technology to find solutions and create a sustainable movement to protect and revitalize our oceans.
    Kia is in transition from the traditional manufacturing company to a sustainable mobility solution organization. This movement matches the ethos of The Ocean Cleanup. The partnership with The Ocean Cleanup is very meaningful for us because it's one of the first steps towards a more sustainable future. Together, we'll create a new movement that we inspire others to join us, protecting the future of the planet.

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