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Kia Complete Wheels

  • Welcome winter roads.

    With Kia Complete Wheels.

Kia Complete Wheels: genuine wheels and tyres.

Safety and style.

The wheels are a key part of every car’s look. And tyres play a major role in its safety on the road. That’s why you should choose Kia Genuine Wheels and Tyres. The right choice of tyres will help you to make the most of your Kia’s performance. And genuine wheels will enhance your Kia’s style, whichever way you look at it.

  • The importance of tyre maintenance.

    Tyres need more attention than just replacing them when they’re worn. Well-maintained tyres optimise your Kia’s safety and performance, so they need to be looked after. The tyre care advice and information below is a good place to start. But for professional expertise supported by specialist tools, rely on the experienced technicians at your Kia authorised dealer.

Special offer for your winter tyre change

What you should know about caring for your tyres.

  • Your tyres can have a significant effect on driving safety due to their inflation pressure, tread depth or wheel alignment. Checking pressure and tread wear (at least once a month) is relatively simple. Knowing when, how and whether you should rotate tyres demands more expertise. So does identifying and resolving incorrect wheel alignment.

  • Tyre pressure

    Tyre pressure.

    Overinflated tyres (A) wear irregularly and affect handling when cornering. Underinflated tyres (B) wear out faster, affect steering responsiveness and increase fuel consumption. Incorrect pressures also affect braking performance – including stopping distances. Tyres inflated to the correct pressure (C) can last longer, reduce fuel consumption and help ensure safer driving.

    If your tyres lose pressure rapidly or frequently, consult your Kia authorised dealer as soon as possible.

Wheel alignment.

Incorrect wheel alignment may cause greater wear on the inside edge of your tyres (A) or the outside edge (B). Correctly aligned wheels are parallel to each other on each axle and at 90° to a level road surface (C). Wheel alignment requires specialist equipment and expert knowledge. If you suspect your Kia’s wheel alignment needs adjustment, contact your Kia authorised dealer.

Tyre rotation.

Tyre rotation can help to minimise tyre wear and maximise tyre life. There are several different ways in which tyres can be moved around on the vehicle depending on the type of tyre and whether the vehicle is front-, rear- or four-wheel drive. Rotation sequences include: (A) always moving the most worn tyres in the worst condition to the front; (B) a rear-to-front, front-to-rear and side-to-side rotation; (C) a simple front–rear swap. Talk to your Kia authorised dealer for up-to-date advice and guidance.

  • Checking tread depth.

    Most tyres have wear indicators: rubber bars incorporated into the tread pattern. When they are level with the tyre surface, the tyres has to be changed. However, it is generally recommended to change tyres when they reach a minimum 4 mm tread depth. Your Kia authorised dealer can check your tyres and change them for you if required.

Professional tyre change for your peace of mind.

  • When it’s time to change your tyres – whether for the changing seasons or due to wear – it’s important to have the job done professionally. Kia-trained technicians have the experience, tools and expertise you need for the peace of mind you want.

    Your Kia authorised dealer can also store your tyres safely between changes.

  • Changing seasons, changing tyres

    Changing seasons, changing tyres

    With summer, winter and all-season tyres to choose from, you can select the most appropriate option for the season, the general driving conditions and your driving style. As your only connection to the road, your Kia’s tyres are essential to safety and performance. So, we explain the options to help you decide.

  • Summer tyres

    Summer tyres

    Suitable for all seasons apart from winter, summer tyres are low noise with a high ride quality. Their lower rolling resistance also helps to reduce fuel consumption. To make it easy to switch tyres according to the season, keep your winter tyres at your Kia authorised dealer, ready to be expertly swapped.

  • Winter tyres

    Winter tyres

    Temperatures below 7°C reduce the flexibility of rubber. This can reduce a tyre’s grip. Winter tyres are made from rubber compounds which retain flexibility. They also have specially-designed treads to help them dig into snow and grip on ice.

  • All-season tyres

    All-season tyres

    All-season tyres are a good choice for a wide range of conditions and temperatures. However, on wet and icy roads, they will grip less than winter tyres. For pushing cornering and control to the limit, summer tyres will be more effective on dry summer roads.

    • Kia Genuine Wheels

      A tyre change is the perfect opportunity to change your rims too. Designed specifically for your Kia, genuine alloy wheels are available in a wide range of designs. Whether you prefer sporty, sophisticated or stylish, they perfectly complement the look of your Kia.

    • Which wheels will you choose?

      Which wheels will you choose?

      With a wide range of Kia Genuine Alloy Wheels to choose from, you can make your Kia look even more stylish, sporty or individual. The choice is yours.

    • %3Ch2%3EHow to care for your wheels%3C%2Fh2%3E

      How to care for your wheels

      A set of alloy wheels is the stylish finishing touch to your Kia. And with the right products and equipment, you can keep them in perfect condition for many thousands of miles of driving.

      Specialist rim-cleaner spray and eye-catching hubs will ensure your wheels always look their best. Locking wheel nuts will help maintain your peace of mind while adding a Kia Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will keep you informed and help you to stay safe.

    • Kia Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) kit

      Keep track of your tyre pressure in real time with continual monitoring. Helps maintain safety and fuel economy. Ensure you replace the kit whenever your dealer changes your tyres.

    • Locking wheel nuts and key

      Designed to complement your Kia Genuine Alloy Wheels and keep them safe and secure. Your local Kia authorised dealer can supply the locking sets for your wheels.

    • Wheel storage bags

      The tidy solution to storing summer or winter wheels with handles for easy lifting and a pocket for the wheel nuts. Adjustable, one size fits all, set of four storage bags.

    Your questions answered

    Your Kia’s tyres are as important to its safety and performance as any other part. So, you should fit the tyres which are recommended for your Kia model by Kia. We understand the requirements of each vehicle, each wheel style and all driving conditions and know the tyre which best meets them.

    Regularly checking and maintaining your tyre pressure is easy to do at home or at a service station. But making sure that the tread is of a legal depth across the width of the tyre and that there are no dangerous bulges or weak spots (perhaps from hitting kerbs or driving through potholes) requires an expert eye. Unusual wear patterns can also be an indication of other issues – steering or suspension, for example – which a Kia-trained tyre technician can identify.

    If you frequently drive in poor conditions in the winter or you like to push your cornering and handling to the limit in the summer, then you will achieve greater safety and optimum performance with winter tyres and summer tyres respectively.

    Your Kia authorised dealer offers a storage facility. Storing a set of wheels with tyres fitted is the most efficient option and ensures safe, expert tyre and wheel fitting by an expert Kia technician.

    Changing the wheels can greatly change the look of your Kia. Talking to a Kia authorised dealer about the correct tyre choice for your preferred wheel is the best way to ensure optimum fit, performance and safety for your Kia. Your Kia authorised dealer is also the place to find a wide range of wheel styles designed for your Kia.

    There are Kia dealers throughout the country. Use our Kia Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you.

    Find a dealer

    With Kia Genuine Wheels, you can be sure the materials, design, engineering and overall specification match the original factory-fitted part. This can have important implications for your Kia’s safety and performance and potentially even for its fuel consumption and emissions.

    Kia Genuine Wheels with a higher price tag than inferior alternatives will not necessarily cost you more. Because of the high quality of their materials, design and engineering, you can expect them to last longer and perform better over their whole lifespan – making them better value for money in the long run. This is as true for wheels as for any other part and accessory.

    All Kia Genuine Wheels, Parts and Accessories are covered under warranty. For details, including duration, please refer to your owner’s manual and the detailed terms and conditions for individual products.

    Depending on the part, it may invalidate your warranty. It may compromise the safety or performance of your Kia. You may also find it difficult or impossible to fit the part perfectly.

    At your Kia dealer, you can be sure that all parts used are Kia Genuine Parts and that all work is carried out by Kia-trained technicians to Kia factory standards. Your Kia dealer is also the place with access to all the latest technical information and mechanical and software updates, direct from the factory. This ensures your Kia’s optimum safety and performance.