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23 / 07 / 2019

The Seltos is characterized by design details that lend it an air of understated sportiness. Smaller than its Medium SUV sibling the Sportage, the Seltos packs a lot into its compact footprint, with more space for passengers and luggage than its competitiors.





Exterior Design


A new chapter of beauty begins. The Kia Seltos has made its world premiere, bringing sophistication, assertiveness, cutting-edge technology and a suite of world-class safety features to the global small SUV segment. 



With distinctive exterior design details, such as a long hood, a strong character line on the front bumper, and sharp lines pressed into the bodywork, our small SUV is set to stand out.



Its robust shoulder line and glasshouse shape, which tapers towards the rear of the car, lends the compact SUV an air of understated sportiness. The rear bumper with a metallic muffler effect accentuates this dynamic appearance.



At 4370mm in length, the Seltos has front and rear overhangs of just 850mm, resulting in a wheelbase of 2630mm – longer than many of its rivals, and on a par with many cars in the segment above.



Seltos is equipped with intricate and sharply designed full LED headlights and taillights, providing the car with a commanding and confident presence on the road. For daytime driving, the car also has LED daytime running lights and rear lamps, and 3D multi-layer indicators to make it clear exactly where the Seltos is heading. For driving in foggy conditions, the car is also equipped with LED fog lights.






Interior Design


With a swag looking interior, the Seltos is designed with high-quality materials and futuristic in-car technology. When you enter, the focal point is a sweeping instrument panel with an asymmetric layout, creating a cockpit-style environment for the driver, and an open, welcoming space for you and your passengers.


At the centre of the dashboard is a ‘floating’ infotainment system positioned in such a way to maximize ease of use and visibility for drivers. As you move your eyes down you will be able to find a highly-ergonomic and tactile dials to control the cabin environment.


The ergonomics of the cabin allow the driver to sit comfortably with a commanding view, helping to maintain focus on the road ahead and naturally reduce fatigue. Within the lounge-like and spacious interior, the Seltos also houses an available 8.0-inch Head-Up Display system which projects unobtrusively relevant driving information on to a small glass panel behind the steering wheel.


With a lounge-like interior, the Seltos provides the driver and your passanger up to 1051mm legroom, 1409mm shoulder space, and 1017mm headroom. For your rear passangers, the Seltos’s cabin is the most accommodating in the class, with up to 965mm legroom, 975mm headroom, and 1395mm shoulder space for up to three passengers ensuring their most comfortable seating position.





Technologies and Features


For an unforgettable driving experience, the Seltos offers advanced technology and a range of world class features designed to make driving safer and less stressful, while also providing total ease of operation.


Available on select trims is a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system providing a seamless access to a range of features - such as advanced split-screen functionality, allowing you to control or monitor numerous features at the same time, and customize the screen to display up to three applications simultaneously.



Other features available include a Bose 8-speaker premium system that fills the car with a clear, rich and immersive sound, taking in-car entertainment to a new level. Pulsing to the beats of the music playing through the audio system is the Kia Sound Mood Lighting system. The unique 3D-patterned surface on the door panels emits soft light from panels in the doors, with eight customisable colours and six themes illuminating the cabin.









The Seltos comes equipped with a range of newly developed third-generation powertrains for high efficiency and powerful performance. All powertrains are engineered with Kia’s Smartstream technology for improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.


To further boost the driving experience, the Seltos is available with a Drive Mode Select system that lets drivers adapt the car to their preferred style or the road conditions. Drivers can choose from ‘Normal’, ‘Eco’ and ‘Sport’ mode. The Eco mode is tuned to maximize vehicle range by using fuel-saving measures, while Sport mode increases responses from the steering and electric motor to maximize the dynamic driving feel of the car. Normal mode provides a careful balance between the two.








For piece of mind, our small SUV has a full range of advanced passive and active safety systems available to ensure all occupants remain well protected on every journey.


The Seltos’ body is made up of a blend of steel and aluminium, maximising torsional rigidity while keeping body weight low. With a high proportion of Advanced High-Strength Steel components, the rigid bodyshell reduces road vibrations and enhances occupant safety in the event of a collision.


The Seltos is fitted with six airbags, as well as a suite of electronic vehicle safety systems. These include Kia’s Vehicle Stability Management system as standard, incorporating traction control and electronic stability control.


The car is fitted with an Anti-lock Braking System, a Traction Control System, a Brake-force Assist System and Hill-start Assist Control.

The whole new levels of peace of mind
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