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Kia's SUVs are designed to balance the power of comfort, safety and performance in one superior car. With Australia’s Best 7 Year Warranty*, intuitive technologies and impressive features, Kia's small, medium and large SUVs are made to deliver a beautiful driving experience every time.

kia small suv

Kia Seltos

Kia Australia Sportage SUV

Kia Sportage

Kia Sorento Gt Line

Kia Sorento

Adventure through life with a Kia SUV and experience a thrilling ride in style and comfort. Whether you cruise through urban streets or plough through the outback of Australia, Kia's SUV vehicles have got you covered. Built to deliver exceptional performance and premium driving versatility, the Kia Sportage and Kia Sorento have been carefully crafted to handle every adventure.

Encounter an unrivalled on-road experience when driving a Kia SUV, equipped with safety and performance technology that will drive you to every destination in comfort and style. Designed with cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to refined driving experiences, each of Kia’s SUV models are made to give the power to you. Kia's SUV range boasts powerful engines, modern designs and an extensive selection of features that will change the way you drive.

Kia's range of class-leading cars is available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any driver and lifestyle. Whether you're after a small car, hatchback, family car, 7-seater or 8-seater, or a sports car, Kia's selection of premium vehicles are designed to deliver superior performance, safety and style.


Experience what it means to have a Kia and build your own car, search for car dealerships near you or book a test drive online to help you find the right SUV for you.


*Kia's Unlimited KM 7 Year Warranty. Note: 7 year/150,000km warranty for vehicles used for the following: rental vehicles, hire cars, taxis, courier vehicles, driving school vehicles, security vehicles, bus and tour vehicles. Capped Price Servicing: Maximum payable for specified number of manufacturer's standard scheduled maintenance services up to 7 years or 105,000kms, whichever occurs first. Complimentary Roadside Assistance for the first year. Renewed yearly by completing scheduled maintenance services at Kia Dealerships (up to maximum 8 years).Terms and conditions for Warranty, Capped Price Servicing and Roadside Assistance can be found at www.kia.com/au


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[S]Safety technologies are supplemental systems and do not replace the need for the driver to exercise care and attention.