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Kia Genuine Parts

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Why are Kia Genuine Parts so important?


Kia Genuine Parts are just like the original parts your vehicle left the factory with. Meaning they are designed and engineered to fit your Kia perfectly.



Non genuine parts are not certified by our Kia factory engineers. Meaning they can underperform and be less reliable, leading to more frequent replacement and greater labour costs.

This may compromise the performance and safety of your Kia, and may also invalidate your warranty.


Kia Warranty

Any Kia’s Genuine Parts fitted at a Kia Service Dealer are backed for a full year.[A]


Kia Genuine Parts are available from any Kia dealer at competitive prices. And because our dealers also have Kia Trained Technicians with the latest diagnostic equipment, you’ll be sure to get the right part for the job fitted properly.

Contact your local dealer for more information.

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Terms & Conditions

[A]Warranty on Genuine Kia Parts & Accessories

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