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kia range

This is Kia.

We’re not the oldest car company in the world. But that’s why we’re free to break new ground. We’re a brand that thrives on doing things it shouldn’t. On transforming every category we get our hands on. To keep designing until the truly inspired happens.

Who said 7 year warranties could look this good or that remote control cars are for kids? Why can’t you impress on the inside as well as the outside? Why follow the rest, when we can charge forward? This is Kia.

This is Carnival.

Why haven’t you heard of a GUV until now? With ride and handling that carves through corners and enough luxuries giving all 8 passengers a first class experience. We didn’t just make a people mover, we made a Grand Utility Vehicle.
kia carnival

This is Sorento.

We love to play. And sometimes we hate packing away our toys. But with cutting edge technology like remote smart parking on the Kia Sorento, you can park it like a boss. Who said remote control cars are for kids?
kia sorento

This is Seltos

The car you told your other car not to worry about. The Kia Seltos small SUV has the looks and the features that would turn your entire world upside-down…Right?
kia Seltos
kia cars

Movement that inspires.

At Kia, we aim to inspire every time you encounter the brand. Because you never know where your next big idea awaits. But they are out there. Waiting to be discovered. So, what are you waiting for? Get moving. Get inspired.
kia brand logo

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the new logo arrive?

Can I get my Kia dealer to change the logo on my current Kia Vehicle? 

Why do some vehicles already have the Kia logo overseas? 

What is the new Kia ethos? 

What does the new logo represent? 

How will the new brand ethos provide a new brand experience?

The whole new levels of peace of mind
At speeds of 20 km/h or higher, BCW alerts you if a vehicle enters your blind spot, even when you are in the process of changing lanes. LED warnings flash on the door mirror and an audio warning is emitted when you signal to make a lane change.