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Kia Car Care

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Premium vehicle protection

We love the great outdoors, and no matter what your journey your vehicle will be exposed to a number of harsh environmental hazards and human factors.


At Kia, we want you to enjoy doing more of what you love rather than spending endless hours washing, waxing and polishing, and worrying about the condition of your new vehicle.


That is why we have created these official Kia Car Care products so you can keep your Kia in pristine condition for years of joy.

Complete care pack

For maximum protection and peace of mind we offer the complete care package, able to provide protection for both exterior paint and interior leather/vinyl, fabric and carpet.

Picanto and Rio RRP:
EV6 and EV9 RRP:
All Other Models RRP:
Kia car care vehicle paint and interior protection complete pack

Car paint protection

Our Paint Surface Coating harnesses the latest ceramic technology, giving your vehicle the best possible protection against our diverse and harsh Australian environment.

Picanto & Rio RRP:
EV6 and EV9 RRP:
All Other Models RRP:
Kia Paint surface coating example
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Ceramic technology

The engineering of the Silicon Carbide Ceramic Coating which allows the paint clear coat layer to penetrate the original paint finish and become part of an advanced levelling glass like cured protective barrier enabling extensive UV protection.

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Advanced durability

The Nano quartz glass-like properties along with curing process refinements have created a super durable ceramic coating with extreme hydrophobic-repellent product structures. Once applied to the vehicle’s surfaces the properties begin to perform a reactive engineered curing process that’s amazingly durable. It protects against damage caused by environmental contaminants such as bird and bat droppings, tree sap, bug splatter, water marks and sunscreen, providing exceptional stain and corrosion resistance.

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Rigorous testing

The engineered combination of globally sourced high grade raw materials have been tested, and results show the coating delivers outstanding hardness, heat tolerance and gloss. The amazing product standards allow the surfaces of your new vehicle to continue to shine year after year and be protected by a nationally supported lifetime warranty*

Key benefits

• Creates highest levels of gloss and shine for paintwork
• Creates a super durable coating on interior surfaces
• Provides UV protection against discolouration
• Helps prevent permanent staining of the treated surface
• Super hydrophobic repellent properties
• Ensures an easy-to-clean surface
• Helps prevent weather induced oxidisation, fading and loss of gloss
• Helps prevent bore water etching
• Warranted for a lifetime*, against damage caused by:
   - Bird & Bat Droppings
   - Tree Sap
   - Bug Splatter
   - Sunscreen
   - Water Marks
   - Fallen Leaves
   - Rail Dust
• Clear coat delamination (limited 7 year warranty for vehicles less than 12 months old at time of application).

Car interior protection

Kia’s Complete Interior Coating has been specifically designed for new vehicle interiors.

Picanto & Rio RRP:
All Other Models RRP:
Kia car care interior coating
kia car care benefit icon

Latest specification technology

The engineering of the interior Co-Polymer Coating which allows the interior protection clear coat layer to become part of the factory surface textures without compromising the advancements in material.

kia car care benefit icon

Advanced durability

The cross polymer-linkage properties of the interior treatment along with a unique flash off curing process creates a super durable coating with repellent properties. Once applied to the all interior surfaces the coating begins to perform a reactive engineered curing process that’s amazingly durable.

kia car care benefit icon

Lifetime protection warranty*

Interior surface treatment structures allow a long lasting low sheen finish which is very durable and provides a performance barrier that prevent cracking, splitting, discolouration caused by the harmful effect of ultraviolet light.
The interior treatment also prevents permanent staining of the treated surface from sunscreen, make-up, water, coffee, soda, milk or other commonly consumed food and liquids. The dash panel, leather and fabric seats, door trims, sill trims and carpeted areas are all covered by a national lifetime warranty* once the treatment is applied during the pre-delivery process.

Car air sanitisation

At Kia, we have developed the industry best anti-microbe bacterial and decontamination system. This in-vehicle sanitisation is an environmentally friendly, water based solution that forms an invisible, long lasting barrier that actively protects surfaces from the build-up of organic matter including bacteria, moulds, germs and allergens..

Choose a freshen-up now with an interior sanitisation treatment and provide your passengers with clean, bacteria free air from today onwards!

All Kia Models RRP:
Kia car care air purifier

 Why invest in air sanitisation:

• Kill off bacteria, mould, germs and allergens
• Experience cleaner air through the air vents
• Keeps working long after the treatment

Car shampoo

Keep your car looking like you just drove out of the dealership with our pH neutral Kia Car Care Shampoo.

This gentle shampoo is formulated to keep your paintwork glossy and protect your ceramic coating.

All Kia Models RRP:
kia car care car shampoo

*Warranty term, conditions and exclusions apply. View our terms and conditions here.


To purchase or find out more about our Car Care products, please visit your nearest Kia Dealer.

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