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Your free seven-year connected services

UVO Connect opens your Kia to the world of connected services. Once activated, it enables a number of essential digital features in your car. You can also install the UVO app on your smartphone and pair it with your Kia to control certain functions remotely and consult a wealth of information about your car.

One tap ahead with UVO App

Once UVO is activated in your Kia, it gives you access to a wide range of useful functionalities through the UVO mobile phone application (available on AppleTM and AndroidTM). With the UVO app, you can consult a wide range of information about your vehicle's status but also control certain functions remotely.

Unlock your car's potential with UVO Connect

Your free seven-year UVO Connect, once activated, uses your vehicle's embedded SIM card to connect it to the world of live data. It lets your satellite navigation system use real-time data to calculate the best possible route and arrival time. It also allows you to consult a wealth of real-time information like fuel or parking prices.



Not only can you consult your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle's battery level but you can also schedule, activate or stop a charging session from your phone to make the most of your electricity tariff’s off-peak rates.

UVO App – Electric vehicles only


Set the temperature for a perfect driving experience: Remotely activate, set and schedule climate control before you get in the car, so it's just right when you get in. Not just for you, but for your Kia as well: With the right temperature in check, your battery delivers best responsiveness and ideal power conversion right from the start.



A feature you can't lose with: This functionality ensures that you always know where you last parked your car, no longer having to search for it in large parking lots or unfamiliar streets.



Your car will inform you when it needs attention - for minor maintenance or urgent issues. Notifications let you know if your anti-theft alarm has been triggered and if you have left your vehicle unlocked. You can also complete a full diagnosis to ensure your vehicle’s functions are working properly at all times.



With UVO Connect, your navigation system uses live traffic information to recommend the best route and provide the most accurate arrival time. UVO Connect lets you know about speed cameras but can also lets you consult live pricing information about the nearest car parks or fuel stations.


UVO Connect unlocks significant functionalities, both in you car and through the UVO mobile application.


  • Climate control (electric vehicles only)

    With our fully electric models, you can remotely control and schedule climate control, so it’s just right when you depart.

  • Battery control (electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles only)

    Not only can you check your battery’s charge level but you can also schedule, activate or stop a charging session from your phone to make the most of your electricity tariff’s off-peak rates.

  • Send to car

    Plan your journey in the UVO mobile app and seamlessly send it to your Kia’s navigation system so you are ready to go once behind the wheel.

  • Find my car

    You can check the location of your car from your smartphone so you never lose track of it.

  • Notifications and remote door control

    You get warned if your vehicle’s anti-theft alarm is triggered or if you left your doors unlocked. What’s more, you can lock and unlock doors from your phone, wherever you are.

  • Vehicle status

    The UVO mobile app gives you an overview of your Kia’s status including fuel/battery level, doors, windows, bonnet or tailgate. It lets you know if any vehicle functions aren't working properly.

  • My trips

    Consult a summary of your trips, including time, distance travelled and speed information.


  • Live traffic information

    Thanks to UVO Connect, your navigation system uses live traffic information to recommend the best route and dynamically predict the most accurate arrival time.

  • Speed cameras(3)

    With UVO Connect, you are alerted to speed and traffic light cameras, and to areas where accidents are particularly common.

  • Local search

    Are you looking for a place to eat, a local business or somewhere special to visit? All this information and more is easily accessible via your Kia’s live, connected directory.

  • Weather forecast

    With up to three days’ weather forecast available, you can check conditions at your destination, all from your vehicle’s screen.

  • Parking information

    UVO Connect helps you find available parking locations. It shows on- and off-street parking locations, including prices and likely availability.

  • Charging stations

    The online directory displays the location of charging stations as well as other details such as payment methods and connector types.

  • Voice recognition

    Use voice commands to find nearby points of interest, weather conditions or send a text message.

  • Fuel prices

    The system shows you the nearest petrol stations and prices to plan a refuelling stop..


In this section, we let you know how to activate and make the most out of your free seven-year UVO Connect service.

Activation and pairing process

First things first: Set up your Kia and pair it to your mobile device to use all connectivity features.

Status and notifications

Learn how to activate notifications about things like your battery charging status, door locks or anti-theft alarm. You can also customise the vehicle status information you have access to.

Remote control, send-to-car and trip summary

See how to remotely lock or unlock your doors or how to send your destination from your phone to your Kia's navigation system. The UVO app also lets you consult information about your past trips.

Live traffic data and points of interest

UVO Connect powers your Kia with live traffic and speed camera information. It also lets you find out more about weather conditions at your destination, nearby parking locations and fuel stations. If you drive an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, you can also access a directory of charging stations to make longer journeys easier.

Climate and battery charging remote control

Drivers of electric and plug-in vehicles can use the UVO app to start, stop or schedule charging sessions. Drivers of electric vehicles can pre-set their desired cabin temperature before they get in their car.

The tutorials are for illustration purpose only and do not necessarily show the latest version of UVO CONNECT and Kia On-Board Services.


And you can also pass it on: reselling your Kia within the warranty terms and the new owner will also benefit from the remaining time or mileage. It’s just one of the great benefits of the Kia Promise- giving you greater value for longer. With Kia you get 7 years of driving pleasure, 7 years of fun, 7 years of adventure, excitement and exhilaration. Not to mention 7 years of lower running costs and 7 years peace of mind… For full details, terms & conditions please follow the below link.

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Download the UVO Connect app from App Store

Download the UVO Connect app from App Store

Download the UVO Connect app from Google Play

Download the UVO Connect app from Google Play

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