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Keep your Kia car's navigation system up to date

We are constantly improving our onboard navigation system to bring you the best possible experience. Learning how to update your car sat nav is simple. Whatever the age of your vehicle, you can carry out your car navigation system's update yourself for free.

Installing the latest sat nav software update brings many benefits:

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Our sat nav updates ensure all your UK and European maps are up to date.

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After updating a Kia sat nav, the system will be optimised to benefit from our latest interface, features and innovations.

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If your vehicle benefits from our free seven-year Kia Connect services, you can enjoy optimum compatibility with the Kia Connect app.

Learn More about Kia Connect

Ready to download your system updates?

Follow our three simple steps to find out how to update your Kia built-in car sat nav system:

1. You may need a USB stick or SD Card with a capacity of up to 64GB depending on your model and car navigation type. You may also need a computer with at least 54GB of free hard drive memory.

2. Refer to the FAQ below to find your Kia's Model Year (MY). You will need this to select the correct sat nav update.

3. The process requires you to install our Kia Navigation Updater software on your computer. Therefore, you need to have full administrator access to your device.

Are you ready?

Go to Kia Navigation Updates site
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System updates straight to your Kia using over-the-air technology

If your Kia is Model Year 22 onwards, it can receive sat nav and other software updates over the air using its in-built mobile data connection. This means you no longer need to use the Kia Navigation Updates site and can save time by having new software delivered to you as soon as it becomes available. All eligible vehicles get two over-the-air system updates free of charge.

Follow the steps below to see if your Kia can be made over-the-air ready:

  • 1. Check your Kia is Model Year 22 or over

    You can determine your car’s model year by checking the 10th digit of its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If this is the letter N or a subsequent letter of the alphabet, then your Kia is eligible for OTA system updates.

  • 2. Check your Kia has a recent software version

    If your software version is more than six months old, you need to update it to the latest version using the Kia Navigation Updates website. You can find the software version date by going to ‘Settings’ from your Home screen. The software version ends with a date in YYYYMMDD format, which is the software’s date.

  • 3. You’re ready!

    If you have a vehicle from MY22 onwards with software less than six months old, OTA updates will operate automatically. There are two updates a year and you’ll get your first two updates free of charge.

How can I find what my car’s Model Year (MY) is?

A vehicle’s Model Year doesn’t necessarily correspond to its year of build or registration. To determine your car’s model year, check the 10th digit of its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and review against the MY listing below.


10th digit of VIN Model Year (MY)
C MY12
D MY13
E MY14
F MY15
G MY16
H MY17
J MY18
K MY19
L MY20
M MY21
N MY22
P MY23

Frequently Asked Questions