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Electric and Hybrid car servicing: Taking care of sustainable driving

Making the switch to electric comes without compromise. We make sure your inspirational driving experiences stay that way by providing your Kia with the careful EV servicing and maintenance it deserves.

All Kia dealerships have EV specialist technicians who are fully certified to work on, service and repair hybrid and electric car systems. Our workshops are also equipped to run full battery diagnostics to ensure your battery remains in perfect health.

Electric car service plans that go the extra mile

Kia electric car external socket plugged into plug-in charging cable

Tailor-made maintenance and servicing for EVs

We provide dedicated electric vehicle servicing and maintenance for pure EV ranges. When you choose a Kia model that’s exclusively fully electric, you’ll get an exclusive care package in the form of e-Care. Our bespoke e-Care packages include specific electric car maintenance and repairs, always with Kia genuine parts, and scheduled servicing with our trained technicians.

So, you can be confident that your new vehicle continues to run at optimal performance — which is one of the best ways to keep your running costs low.
Expert Kia EV technician servicing a Kia electric car

Book Electric and Hybrid car servicing online

Book a service for your electric or hybrid Kia car quickly and easily.
Our online booking tool will put you in contact with a local Kia dealer — ready to schedule your service appointment at a time that suits you.

Need to know more?

Do Electric cars need servicing? Do Electric cars need servicing?


Just like petrol or diesel cars, electric cars also need to be serviced. Electric car servicing involves different checks to a regular car service. It inspects components like the battery, tyres and windscreen wipers.

Find out more about why electric cars need servicing and MOT, as well as the benefits of EV servicing with Kia Care. 

Do Electric cars cost less to maintain than cars with a fuel engine? Do Electric cars cost less to maintain than cars with a fuel engine?


When it comes to electric car maintenance costs, owners benefit from electric vehicles having fewer moving parts and no engine oil to change. Items linked to braking should also suffer less from wear and tear due to the use of regenerative braking, which eases pressure on the brake pads and discs. 


This being said, Kia electric car maintenance also involves additional operations like battery health checks and software updates essential to the good functioning of your car.

How much does an electric car service cost? How much does an electric car service cost?


Specific EV servicing costs will vary depending on the make, model and type of the vehicle in question. Learn more about our EV servicing costs with the Kia e-Care packages.

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