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Electric Car Home Charging

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Convenient and cost-effective, in the comfort of your home

Having an electric vehicle charge point fitted at home is a great way to make the most of your electric or plug-in hybrid Kia. It gives you the option to charge your car whenever it is at home and can turn out to be particularly economical.

There are a few things to consider when planning to install a home charge point, if only that you need off-street parking. The good news: Kia offers all that in a one-stop service that is convenient, cost-effective and packed with smart benefits.

Three simple steps to installing your home charger

Having a charger fitted in your home is easier than you think – with our partners’ installation service.

  • Simply visit your local Kia dealer and register for an installation with one of our preferred partners, Pod Point or bp pulse.

  • You will need to provide a few details and photos - location, fuse box and other important aspects - to prepare a smooth approval and installation. You may also be asked for documents to prove your eligible for any available government support.

  • Your chosen supplier comes to your home and installs your home charger on a pre-arranged date.

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How long it takes to charge an electric car at home

An electric car's charging speed is measured in kilowatt (kW). An electric vehicle charging point can usually deliver 3.6kW or 7kW in most UK homes whereas a regular three-pin socket can only provide up to 2.3kW. That’s one of the reasons why it’s paramount when acquiring an electric or plug-in hybrid car that you get a dedicated electric car home charging point fitted.

The time your electric vehicle takes to charge depends on its battery size, the maximum charging speed it’s able to take and the home charging point’s speed. Our electric Kias can fully take advantage of a 7kW charging speed, however plug-in hybrid vehicles can only ever charge at a maximum speed of 3.6kW. This being considered and if you have a 7kW home charge point, an overnight charge will be enough to fully replenish your electric Kia’s battery.

Charging time by station speed and model Charging time by station speed and model

Model 7.2kW AC
Single Phase
3.6kW AC
Single Phase
Type 2 socket Type 2 socket
Effective max. speed Approx. charging time Effective max. speed Approx. charging time
Niro, XCeed & Ceed SW PHEV
2 hours
15 min

2 hours
15 min
Sorento PHEV
3 hours
25 min

3 hours
25 min

Soul EV &


9 hours
35 min

17 hours
46 min

What is the cost of charging an electric car at home?

Charging at home is particularly economical but it depends on your home electricity tariff. We’d recommend that you consider an energy supplier that offers overnight off-peak prices. These off-peak prices can be up to three times lower than peak prices. You can also make sure you only charge at these hours thanks to our UVO Connect mobile app. If you get organised to only charge off-peak, a full charge of your Kia electric vehicle performed over several nights will cost you the equivalent of between £3 and £4. That’s not bad considering the e-Niro 64kW combined WLPT range of 282 miles.

Kia Charge: Your all-in-one EV public charging solution

Because you can’t always charge at home, Kia Charge is Kia’s one-stop-shop solution for charging on the go. The Kia Charge mobile app gives you access to the largest collection of public charging networks in the UK and Europe. With Kia Charge, you locate a station, start a charge and pay for your charging, all with just one solution.

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How to charge your Kia on the go?

Find out about public charging⁽¹⁾

Full charging control from your phone with Kia UVO Connect

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The ultimate convenience: You can control your vehicle battery from your phone via Kia UVO Connect App – wherever and whenever you need to.

Kia UVO Connect App lets you:
• Monitor your charging status of your electric or plug-in vehicle
• View the remaining charging time
• Schedule charging based on your departure time or at cost-saving off-peak times
• And much more

Find out more

The displayed app screens are for illustration purposes only and do not necessarily show the latest version of UVO Connect App.

Ready to experience the best in home charging?

Contact your Kia dealer now and start enjoying convenient, smart home charging.

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Choose just the right options to suit your needs

Kia have partnered with Pod Point and bp pulse, Britain’s leading home charge point manufacturers and installers to provide and fit your home charge point.

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Pod Point

  • Charging capacity: up to 7kW
  • Universal or tethered unit
  • 3-year warranty and standard installation included
  • Auto power balancing to safely manage electrical load
  • Over-the-air software updates by Wi-Fi
  • Preferential price for customers referred by a Kia Authorised Dealer
  • bp pulse

  • Charging capacity: up to 7kW
  • Universal or tethered unit
  • 3-year warranty and standard installation included
  • Preferential price and free one-year bp pulse public charging subscription for each installation referred by a Kia Authorised Dealer
  • One Solution. Endless Benefits.

    Once installed, the benefits of having your own charge point just keep on flowing. Here are just a few.

    Make the most of your electric or plug in hybrid, your Kia is ready when you need it. With Kia’s UVO Connect mobile app you can schedule charging based on your expected departure time so you always set off with your battery adequately charged.

    Whilst electric Kia vehicles can be charged really quickly at certain public stations, charging at home allows you to go about your day and leave your Kia to do the job.

    You’re pretty much guaranteed to spend less than at a public charging station. What’s more, thanks to the UVO Connect app, you can schedule your charging to take advantage of your electricity supplier’s best off-peak prices.

    Using a domestic three-pin UK socket to charge your Kia is only recommended in exceptional circumstances. A dedicated vehicle home charge point is definitely the safest bet when it comes to electric and plug-in vehicles.

    Most UK homes can support a 7kW home charge point, which charges your electric vehicle three times quicker than a domestic UK three-pin socket.

    Want to know more?

    Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help make your decision even easier.


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