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Kia Sportage Praised for Winter Driving by What Car?

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Best Winter Cars: Kia Sportage Praised for Winter Driving by What Car?

The Kia Sportage has been praised by What Car? journalist and managing director, Allan Muir, as one of the best cars for winter driving in the UK.

Muir’s review was written for What Car? as part of a long-term owner test of the Sportage. He’s seeking to showcase how the mild hybrid SUV fares in terms of comfort, practicality and frugality. In his review, Muir emphasised the comfortable and versatile driving experience the Sportage offers in winter conditions.

The Sportage has also been named What Car?’s Family SUV of the Year 2023, and, having now passed the test of winter driving in the UK, might be considered one of the UK’s best winter SUVs.

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The Sportage’s interior ensures comfortable winter driving

Muir’s review highlighted some of the key features of the Kia Sportage, engineered to provide optimum comfort for winter driving.

He praised the car heating system, remarking on the heated steering wheel and heated front and rear seats, ensuring elevated comfort for drivers and passengers. Muir also commented on the convenience of activating the heating.

“I only have to move my hands slightly away from the natural ‘quarter to three’ position to ensure complete warmth,” he wrote.

Muir commended the overall car interior as successfully hitting various criteria. He described it as “exceptionally spacious front and rear, very comfortable to sit in, easy to see out of, smart-looking and straightforward to use".

The carefully refined layout of the Kia Sportage ensures a comfortable and immersive driving experience. The spacious car interior makes room for intelligent storage options, a curved, tactile display screen, and an impressive 1,780-litre boot capacity.

Muir summarised the Sportage car interior as “difficult to fault from an ergonomic point of view".

“I only have to move my hands slightly away from the natural ‘quarter to three’ position to ensure complete warmth”.

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Kia’s family SUV excels in versatility

The Kia Sportage, our multi-award-winning SUV, is designed with families in mind.

As well as winning What Car’s Family SUV of the Year Award 2023 , the Kia Sportage has also been recognised by What Car? in terms of its safety standards. The Sportage was named one of the safest family cars by What Car? after achieving a 5-star rating in the 2022 Euro NCAP safety tests. The tests highlighted the SUV’s comprehensive suite of high-tech Driver Assist Systems and advanced passenger safety capabilities.

The SUV also has numerous family-oriented features, including wireless charging, Kia Connect services and an immersive infotainment and navigation system with real-time visibility.

The Sportage is available in four powertrains: Petrol/Diesel, Mild Hybrid, Hybrid Electric and Plug-In Hybrid. In his review, Muir highlighted the improved efficiency of the Mild Hybrid. He described its ability to maximise fuel economy by seamlessly shifting the engine to coast as you decelerate as a “smooth process you’re barely aware of”.

The Kia Sportage continues to set new standards for family cars and leads the charge in a more sustainable, practical driving experience. Join our Kia family and explore our range of electric cars and hybrid cars today.

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