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Experience Kia - Auto Expo 2020

Experience technologies that are set to change the way you drive forever. Watch out for these experiences at the Kia Pavilion and experience how we are driving the future of mobility through cutting-edge innovations.



Daily commute can be stressful and so can be finding a parking space in confined spaces. Solution? DRIVE Wise – a technology that automatically engages the brakes to avoid collision in dangerous situations, enables quick and easy parking in narrow spaces using advanced sensors, and automatically shifts the high-beams for safer driving at night. Sounds exciting? Visit us for Auto Expo 2020 and get to experience it yourself.

UVO Zone

The power to connect is right there at the Kia Pavilion. Experience 37 smart features coming alive on your Android or iOS phone with UVO - an advanced, dynamic and innovative connected car solution that seamlessly integrates your smartphone, car and its infotainment system into a single unit to provide secure, convenient and joyful experience of owning Kia. Visit us to know how it feels to have it.

Powertrain Engines

Powertrain Engines

On display at the Kia Pavilion, we have for you our Smartstream engines that deliver increased efficiency and enhanced performance. Our powertrains are based on the next generation technology that’s environment friendly and enables the customers a fun-to-drive experience.

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