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Kia Motors India Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I contact Kia India?

Please contact our Kia Care Centre in one of the following ways:
- Toll Free Number — 1800-108 -5000
- email —
- Kia Link one click SOS button
- Visit Contact Us page and share your query

Can I take my Kia to any Kia dealership for service and warranty repairs?

We recommend that all your service and warranty repairs should be performed by Kia dealers where trained technicians know your Kia best and only use Kia Genuine Parts for repairs

How to locate the nearest Kia service centre?

Please go to our Dealer Locator page and browse for your nearest Kia workshop

When should I service my Kia vehicle?

Every Kia model has a recommended service interval for maintenance. Please refer to owner's manual for the recommended service interval

What is Kia Link?

Kia link is a mobile application for Kia customers giving service information & assistance desired for service. This smart phone application will enable user to
- Access the vehicle history
- Book an appointment on a convenient time slot
- Provides real time update on Service process tracking
- Additional job approval
- Digital payment

With an introduction of on-board diagnostic module, Kia customer will have information on driving pattern, driving history and trouble code detection. Kia Link app can be downloaded from Google Play Store & iPhone App store. For more information please visit Kia Link page

What is Scratch Care?

Scratch Care is an introductory program launched by Kia for its customers to take care of the 1st scratch that hurts. Under this program all Kia models that are retailed basis table below are covered for repair of 1 Scratch free of cost. The program is restricted to repair of 1 scratch per 1 car in an ownership period of 12 months from the date of sale with maximum scratch length of up to 15 cms for Seltos,Sonet and 30 cms for Carnival respectively.Terms & Conditions apply, for more information please visit you nearest Kia dealer

Model Date of Sale Range Maximum scratch length coverage Applicability
Kia Seltos Up to 31st December 2019 15 cms 1 scratch (without dent)
per 1 car in an ownership
period of 12 months from
the date of sale
Kia Carnival Up to 31st August 2020 30 cms
Kia Sonet Up to 31st December 2020 15 cms

How do I make my Service appointment?

Service appointment can be made by one of the following ways:
1. Kia Link : Use the mobile application to make service appointment
2. Kia Website : Visit the Service booking section to make an appointment
3. Direct Call : Customer can directly call the Kia authorized service centre and make an appointment basis availability

What will be the cost of servicing my vehicle (ex: 20K service, 40K service etc.,)

For transparency & better awareness for Kia customers, Service Cost Calculator has been developed. Please use Cost Calculator to calculate indicative cost for the recommended service along with other details. For exact information please visit your nearest Kia dealer

Does my Kia come with road side assistance (RSA)?

Yes, all Kia vehicles are covered under road side assistance program for 3 years from the date of sale. Kia Roadside Assistance is a 24 X 7 emergency support provided in any event of breakdown or road accident of your Kia vehicle. For more information please visit Road Side Assistance page

How many free services can I avail for Kia?

First 3 services scheduled up to 1 year or 10,000 Kms are Free Services, please refer Owner's manual for more details. In Free Service, the labour cost for doing periodic maintenance is free while the cost of oil consumable, parts and other jobs requested by customer (but not covered in the periodic maintenance schedule) are chargeable at actual during the Free service period.

What if I have lost or damaged my owner's manual?

Not a problem, you can download a copy at Owner's Manual page

What is My Convenience?

My Convenience program is a maintenance program wherein customer can personalize his/her maintenance plan basis his/her specific requirements. Under My Convenience program customer makes 2 choices while availing the My Convenience program.

Choice 1:

Duration and coverage of program for which customer would have the following options (to choose only 1 option as per requirement) :

• 2 Years / 20,000 Kms
• 3 Years / 30,000 Kms
• 4 Years / 40,000 Kms
• 5 Years / 50,000 Kms

Choice 2:

Care package, to choose only 1 option that fulfils the specific requirements of customers. Available options for the Care packages :

• Preventive Care: Car Care services that are requested by customers for better protection of his/her vehicle. Services covered: Under Body Coating, Rodent Repellent
• AC Care : Car Care services that are requested by customers for better performance of his/her vehicle A/C. Services covered: A/C Evaporator Cleaning, A/C Disinfectant
• Fresh Care : Car Care services that are requested by customers for better aesthetics of his/her vehicle. Services covered: Interior Enrichment, Exterior Enrichment
• Hygiene Care : Car Care services that are requested by customers for maintaining the hygiene levels of his/her vehicle. Services covered: Fumigation, Carbon Air Filter

For more information please visit your nearest Kia dealer