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Our Values

At Kia - People are the heart of everything we do. We work together to inspire
our customers and our colleagues, empowering each other to make progress. We dare
to push the boundaries of what’s possible, chasing excellence everyday.

Scroll down further to read about the 5 values that drive us towards providing mobility solutions that enrich lives.

1. Care for People

Knowing small actions make big impacts, we lead with empathy and respect for our colleagues, customers and the planet. We never compromise on our responsibility to shape the world we want to live in: one that is more inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

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2. Move Further, Together

United by our purpose, we work together, embracing diverse perspectives. By debating ideas, inspiring each other, and sharing joy, we move further-together.

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3. Empower People to Act

Our mutual trust in one another empowers us to own our commitments and take responsibility. Our freedom to act is guided by shared accountability.

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4. Dare to Push Boundaries

Bold, curious, and creative, we dare to reimagine how the world moves forward. We relentlessly challenge convention, knowing it's better to take risks-and learn from failure- than to stand still.

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5. Chase Excellence, Every Day

We think big and pursue continuous improvement. We adapt quickly to exceed customer expectations and simplify how we work to ensure our process never gets in the way of our progress.

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