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kia connect features

The future of driving with Kia's futuristic technology.
  • The Kia Connect App offers the ultimate connected car experience, designed to enhance every drive. Our cutting-edge technology not only makes driving more enjoyable but also helps in reducing the total cost of ownership* of Kia cars.

  • With this advanced program, you can monitor your driving habits, track your progress, and evolve into the seasoned driver you've always aspired to be. Embrace safer, smarter driving with technology that's not just about movement, but about moving forward responsibly.
  • *Disclaimer: Source: Comprehensive market research conducted by Frost & Sullivan - a global analytics and advisory firm. The aggregate cost of ownership has been ascertained through a thorough analysis from the source, which includes the evaluation of five petrol and three diesel competitor models in comparison to the Sonet. This evaluation encompasses factors such as Initial Acquisition Cost, Residual Value, Maintenance Cost, Finance and Insurance Costs, and Fuel Expenses.

4 steps to become a driving inspiration.

Unlock new levels of driving excellence by accessing the Kia Connect App, and monitor your scores with the Kia Inspiring Drive Program.

Join us and discover the everyday inspiration of driving. Make every trip a testament to your commitment to safety and your love for driving.
Plus, stand a chance to win Kia exclusive badges, gifts & benefits* with this quarterly championship.

*T&C Apply

Ascend the driving leaderboard.

Find how you fare on the roads with our comprehensive scoring system. The quarterly assessment period begins from 1st July - 30th September 2024. Your Ecoscore, Mileage Score, and Safety Score each reflect a unique aspect of your driving habits.
Compete for the Ecoscore championship title under Kia Inspiring Drive program, compare your ratings with fellow Kia owners,
and see yourself consistently improving on the scale of driving excellence.