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At Kia, we are keen to get feedback from our owners and that’s why we have partnered with reevoo, an independent review company, who collect, collate and publish car reviews from Kia owners. You can read the reviews for yourself by clicking on the review buttons below and if you wish, you can even ask existing owners questions about any of our cars.

reevoo is completely independent; they never edit or censor any of the reviews they receive, whether they're good or bad, and they don't let shops or brands do so either. reevoo works with Kia and dozens of Europe’s most respected companies. Wherever you see the reevoo logo you can be sure you're reading 100% genuine customer reviews.

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The Reevoo manifesto

At Reevoo we’re committed to helping buyers make the best choices. They trust our independent reviews because we, together with our customers that have signed up to this manifesto, will always strive to ensure that:

  1. 1. All of our reviews are from genuine, verified purchasers.
  2. 2. No fake reviews ever make it in.
  3. 3. We show the good with the bad - We do not tolerate anyone editing or removing negative reviews or showing only the reviews they like.
  4. 4. Our reviews cannot be manipulated.
  5. 5. We are always transparent - Where a response is from a brand or retailer, this will be crystal clear.
  6. 6. Our reviews remain impartial and independent.

Whenever you see the Reevoo brand you know that you’re looking at a genuine, independent review that you can trust.

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