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Motability Adaptations

How Motability car adaptations can make driving more convenient

At Kia, we understand that every driver is different. So whichever of Kia’s Motability cars you choose on the Motability Scheme, we appreciate that you may need to adapt your vehicle to make it right for you. There are hundreds of Motability car adaptations that can help make driving more convenient, whether that’s through changing how you control the car, making it easier to get in or out, or helping you store your wheelchair or scooter.

With the right adaptations, motoring should become a more pleasurable experience, whether you’re a driver or passenger.

Common types of Motability adaptations

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Hand controls

For those who find it difficult or impossible to use the pedals effectively, hand controls can transform your driving experience. They come in many forms and allow you to control the speed of your car using your hands instead of the pedals. A common hand control is the push/pull lever, but if you find those difficult to use, there are plenty of effective alternatives. Electronic accelerators allow you to control acceleration and braking using a variety of controls such as a trigger or a ring that goes around the steering wheel.

Steering Aids

If you have difficulty gripping or turning a standard steering wheel, steering aids, such as a steering ball, can be a simple and effective way to give you more control. They also enable you to steer with one hand, which is particularly useful if you use hand controls to manage the speed of your car. There are different types of steering ball available depending on your needs. You can also get a remote control device as part of the steering ball, which provides buttons to help you more easily control functions such as indicators and lights.

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Lifting a wheelchair or scooter into your car can be difficult or altogether impossible. Having a hoist fitted can make things much easier. A boot hoist is fitted in the boot of the car and is able to lift a scooter or wheelchair to the required height so it can be guided into place. Rooftop hoists are another option that lift your folding wheelchair and store it in a box on the roof of the car.


There are a number of Motability adaptations that can make it easier for a driver or passenger to get into or out of the car. Transfer plates are a simple solution that provide an extra surface between the car seat and the wheelchair to make it easier to transfer. Swivel seats can also make it easier to get into your car. Alternatively, it’s possible to have an electric person hoist fitted, which helps lift a wheelchair user from their chair to the car seat.

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Find your nearest Motability specialist

Our entire network have trained Motability specialists who will be happy to assist and advise you on choosing the best car for your needs.

Speak to one of our specialist about joining the Scheme.

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How to adapt your Kia

The simplest way to find the right Motability adaptations for your Kia is to talk to us. Kia has a team of experts that will listen to what you need from your vehicle and then talk you through all of the available options. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as choosing a Kia that's already equipped with handy standard features that make your life easier – such as keyless ignition or a reversing camera and sensors. But if you need a more bespoke approach, our Motability specialists are here to advise which adaptations could make your driving experience simpler and more convenient.

Once we’ve established what adaptations you require, we can ensure that they’re suitable for the vehicle and can discuss any applicable charges before completing your order.

Who pays for Motability Adaptions?

Your Kia dealer will pay for your Motability adaptations. If you buy or lease a Motability car with Kia and have a Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or the Personal Independent Payment (PIP) scheme, many of these adaptations are included at no extra cost. The Motability car scheme also keeps you covered with insurance, tyre and windscreen replacement, road tax renewal and full RAC breakdown assistance.

Find your nearest Motability specialist

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